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Zoompast.org is a new website from Dr. James Rosindell and the Imperial College London. Dr. Rosindell’s first website was Onezoom.org where you can zoom in on the tree of life. At Zoompast.org you can zoom in on family trees like you can zoom in on a location on Google Maps. The website desecribes itself as “A new and unique way to visualize and share genealogies.Just zoom in and out like you would a map. Explore our example genealogies of well known people, or build your own and share it with your family and friends.” From their welcome email “This is a university project based at Imperial College London and launched in May 2015. Our mission is to make it easier for you to explore and share family trees in a visually appealing way on screen.”

I registered and started setting up and family tree and found it very easy to use. It is also easy to read and the zoom in feature is great. I hope their intent is to sell the idea to Ancestry. I haven’t added my Ancestry tree but will eventually. Even a child could use this site. In the first video on the site the developer states that he hopes it is used in classrooms. I could see that. It would be easy for a group of 6th graders or higher to sit down and fill in their families. A good learning tool would be for a studen to fill in a fictional character. They already have the family tree of Harry Potter on the website. It also has the capability to upload a GEDCOM family tree from somewhere else.

You can invite friends and family to view or edit your tree. When I clicked on Public Trees there were only the 7 public trees that are fixtures on the site. You can make your tree private or public or just view able to friends. You can link to Wiki tree by selecting that option in the settings.

If you just like looking a famous people’s tree’s this site has loaded the family tree of the Queen of England. It goes back to about 500 AD. I checked out John F Kennedy, see below.

Zoompast.org JFK

Zoompast.org JFK

I think this free website has potential. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time putting my whole family on there from scratch though. Since it has only started in May, I wouldn’t risk spending hours and hours adding information only to find it shut down next year. If you have a family tree somewhere else, by all means upload it to this site to play with. I am going to have my 8 year-old granddaughter add her tree, it is that easy to use and should get her more interested in genealogy.

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