WeGene Added to GEDMatch

WeGene Added to GEDMatch

WeGene Added to GEDMatch

Recently WeGene was added to GEDMatch to allow uploading DNA results from WeGene. When you first go to the WeGene.com site, you will think you are on the wrong site. The site is a Chinese site and you will see Chinese writing. A small pop-up box should come up and ask you if you want Google Translate to translate the page. Just say yes. It make ask again on it page or will automatically start translating as you go through pages.

WeGene – What is it?

WeGene is a Chinese based DNA testing site and its open platform not only provides users genotyping results, it also provides analysis progenitor source, disease, and other sports and if you are a developer, it offers the ability to integrate its open source information and API to give access to health information related to DNA analysis.

With WeGene each user can have their own genome data via the RESTful API, to use and interpret genomic data in their various applications. There are also research projects that should continue to provide more information about the relationship of diseases to DNA.

Genome API developers can develop highly innovative gene-related applications, users can also integrate genomic information in existing applications. Without waiting for lengthy laboratory testing process, we will be able to allow users to benefit from knowing their genome data, such as: more personalized weight loss program, taking a more safe and effective non-prescription recommendations based on kinship social networks and so on.

WeGene API using OAuth 2.0 standard, allowing users according to their needs authorize third-party applications to access their genomic data and interpret results related. All user information and data will be in the secure SSL encrypted transmission protocol, to ensure that user information will not be unauthorized individuals or organizations to obtain.

For those of us that use GEDMatch, adding WeGene will add the ability for more people to be added to the list of potential matches and increase the chances of finding family.

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