Should I Use Social Media To Find Birth Parents ?

By DD / March 7, 2016
Use Social Media to Find Birth Parents
Should I Use Social Media to Find Birth Parents

Use Social Media to Find Birth Parents

Should I Use Social Media To Find Birth Parents ?

The question “Should I use social media to find my birth parents?” comes up in chat rooms and forums a lot. In my free ebook (in the footer), I talk about how to use social media to help find your birth family. There are good ways, such as using Google searches, and not recommended ways like posting yourself on Facebook and asking people to share your picture.

Adoptees are doing everything they can think of to get noticed on social media. Facebook is currently the most popular means to connect, and with currently over 1.5 billion active members, it’s easy to see why. I understand this thinking, I was so desperate to find my birth family at times, I would have tried anything.

Adoptees are posting their birth information, birth location, current location, photos, and videos to social networks in hopes someone will recognize them and help connect them to their biological parents. This is really a “throwing stuff on the wall and see what sticks” type of approach. With the superior results of using DNA testing, this should always be the first place to start. If you are lucky, your DNA results will result in identifying close relatives like 1st cousins. If you are very unlucky, it will still point you to 3rd and 4th cousins that you can interact with and start putting the pieces together.

While posting a photo and your birth information on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, Instagram may not seem like much, there is a small chance it will go viral and get seen by millions of people. Only one of those individuals needs to recognize you in order to get you where you want to be. By “liking” and “sharing” these stories of adoption, you can be of assistance in helping someone find out where they came from. Just remember, the post you share may have started 2 or 3 years ago and they may have found their family 300,000 shares ago. Also, most adoptions were kept secret so even if people see the post it doesn’t mean they will act on it.

Though it’s currently unknown exactly how many adoptees are going the social media route, there’s no denying the fact that it has indeed provided valuable information to many adoptees. I suggest using it wisely and don’t expect too much.

No matter how many Facebook posts, Tweets or Instagram photos you send out, there are some biological parents who do not want to be reconnected with their birth child. Many biological fathers never knew they fathered a child. If the birth parents do want to be found, and it wan’t too big of a secret, social media can be another branch of a search.

The original question, Should I Use Social Media To Find Birth Parents ?, is debatable. Of course, social media won’t provide all the answers to your biological family, but it could provide that glimmer of hope of being reconnected with birth parents in the rare case all attempts at DNA testing with family tree follow ups doesn’t produce any results.

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