TribeCode DNA Review

By DD / December 3, 2015
Tribecode DNA Box

Tribecode Box

After having DNA tests done at the big three testing sites, I decided I should add a review of testing from I ordered the kit from on October 4th and recieved an email on October 8th that my kit had shipped. It arrived on October 10th, so they are able to get the kits shipped out in a timely manner.

Tribecode box inside

Tribecode box inside

The box had a little different set up than the other 3 major testing centers. They ask for 2 ml of saliva which is quite a bit and then you have to open up a little container of stabilizer and pour that into the sample. With the other companies the stabilizer is contained in the sample syringe and is combined automatically. After collecting my sample and mixing it with the stabilizer and putting it in the bag, I noticed the second difference in Tribecode and the other companies. The envelope to send the sample back with wasn’t prepaid. They suggest using 5 stamps or paying a little over $2 to send the sample back to them. After digging around and finding 5 stamps, I got the sample ready to mail and went online to register the kit. That was when I hit my next hurdle. I tried several times to put in the code that was on the sample and on the instructions inside the box but the field on the webpage wouldn’t take that many characters. I ended up sending a report to their support email.

Tribalcode sample envelope

Tribalcode sample envelope

On November 10th, I decided to check on my sample and see if I had a notice about it being processed or close to being processed. I found the status and it was 50%, which was showing as the kit had been sent to me but not returned. I sent them an email asking for clarification and telling them that I mailed the kit back right after I got it. As of November 12th, not reply from TribeCode. I am sure there are people that order a kit and don’t send it back right away, but what about sending an email saying that they haven’t received anything so they are just reminding you to send it in and if you already sent it, they haven’t gotten it.
November 17th, I never heard from TribeCode in response to my message so I checked on my results online again. It now shows 83% progress which is listed as being worked on.

On December 1st I received the email saying that my test results were in. I went to the website and it did’t take long to look at the results. They do have an online community but I didn’t see any benefits from becoming involved with it. Since they don’t have matches that I could match up with the only thing it really gave me was ethnicity. It basically confirmed that I am mostly Irish and British. No matches, no health information. You can’t download the DNA results so it isn’t usable on GEDMatch, DNA.LAND or on FTDNA like raw DNA results from the 3 main sites.

TribeCode Recommendation

Based on the cost of the test – same as Ancestry – not being able to download the results – not have the people to match – the length of time of processing-and not having the tools or information the others have, I can not recommend this testing site. Since they advertise that they test so many more SNP’s than the other sites, I had great hopes for this site but for now it is a thumbs down from me.

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