Sperm Donors Looking For Adult Children – Where to Start

By DD / September 7, 2016
Sperm donor children
Sperm donors looking for adult children

Sperm donors Looking For Adult Children

Sperm Donors Looking for Adult Children-Where to Start

Although you may not have played a role in your child’s life, you are still the biological father of any child conceived with your sperm. Therefore, it is only natural that you may want to develop a relationship with that child no matter how old he or she may be now. If you are interested in finding your adult child, where should you start?

Talk to the Biological Mother

If you know the name of the child’s mother, you may want to start your search by asking her about your son or daughter. Assuming that you have a cordial relationship with this person, she may be willing to give you an email address or a social media link to contact your child. It may even be possible to arrange a meeting with the help of the child’s mother.

Look Through Relevant Registries to Find More Information

Your state may have a putative father registry that may have information about any children conceived using your sperm. You may also want to visit sites such as DonorSiblingRegistry.com that help siblings connect with each other as well as with their donor fathers. It may also provide an opportunity for the child’s mother and the donor father to connect and learn more about each other.

Try to Find Information Through a Google Search

If you are a sperm donor looking for an adult child and you know your child’s name and where he or she may have lived in the past, it may be possible to do a Google search to learn more about your child. For instance, you may be able to find a blog that he or she runs, links to a Twitter or Facebook account or other general information that you can use to make contact. However, be careful that you are contacting the right person. Before sending that email or making a phone call, you may want to confirm through picture identification or other methods that you have the right person.

Sperm donors are sometimes thought of as anonymous lurkers who simply provide the sperm and walk away. However, there is a natural drive to want to connect with our children and learn more about them and what they have done with their lives. By connecting with your child, you learn more about your legacy and may even be able to help those who you helped bring into this world.

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