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Sperm Donor Reunion Story

Sperm Donor Reunion

Sperm Donor Reunion

Sperm Donor Reunion Story
There was a great story on CBS Sunday Morning on January 10, 2016 about a sperm donor father reuniting with several of this biological children. Most donors thought that they would never meet their children and never envisioned all the ways they would be able to be found that there is today. The story focus on using a registry to find their donor father or at least other half-siblings with the same donor father. As we know, using DNA could help these children find their donor fathers even if their donor fathers don’t use the registry. The children from sperm donors would already have their mother’s information. With atDNA testing they would have DNA matches and be able to sort them excluding their mothers matches. Using DNA, with GEDMatch.com and other websites that offer matches and a chromosomes browser, these children of donors should be able to narrow down their donor fathers fairly fast. There were several criteria for donors, such as age, that would also narrow down the search.

All donor dads sign an agreement that they will never search for their biological children. Mothers that used sperm donors vary from keeping the the fact that they used a sperm donor as a secret to telling the children as soon as they are old enough to understand. All sperm donors are given a unique donor ID number which is known to the mother that chooses the vial(s) to buy after seeing the donor’s profile. This ID number is how the biological children are finding their donor fathers through a registry. Donors are usually good looking and highly intelligent since those profiles sold the best.

Using The Donor Sibling Registry a networking website that uses the donor father’s ID number to match siblings, donor and children or siblings are introduced. The Donor Sibling Registry has connected 12764 people to date and over 48,000 people have registered. You can search by clinic, read success stories and get other information on this site besides being able to fill out the registry form. The site was started by Wendy Kramer and her son Ryan Kramer. Wendy used a donor donation and Ryan was curious about his biological father and there found at the time there wasn’t a registry or easy way to find their donor. They offer a free ebook, “A Guide to the World of Donor Conception”.

Like anyone else that doesn’t know who their biological parent or parents are, they want to look into the faces of their father, know what they look like, know what they think is funny, know what they believe, They are tired of being asked “where is your father?”

In this sperm donor reunion story, Todd Whitehurst, an engineer for Google was featured in the story. Whitehurst donated approximately 400 times over 4 years and a single sample could be divided into 24 salable vials so he could have produced 9600 viles in theory. He knows of 22 children that he has contributed to for sure. They mentioned a donor that they know has at least 200 children.

if you were a product of a sperm donor, check out the sibling registry. If your donor hasn’t registered, purchase an atDNA kit and refer to our articles and our free e-book to solve this mystery for you.

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I found my birth family after 40 years of looking for them. I used DNA tests, software to sort DNA match results, family trees, contacting DNA matches and several website tools. We want to provide you a "one stop shop" with all your resources to help YOU find YOUR family.

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