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Sorted By Birthdate Website A Hidden Gem

By DD / August 6, 2016
Sorted By Birthdate
Sorted By Birthdate

Sorted By Birthdate

Sorted By Birthdate Website is a genealogy information website. If you are looking for someone and have their name and birthday, this site may help you with more information, like voter and death records. It is a very simple website. Sortedbybirthdate.com is a privately owned genealogy website based on public information which everybody has a right to know. If your name is on a voter registration entry, click the link to go to a page with information on removal requests. Social Security information on deceased persons is public under the Freedom of Information Act and will not be deleted.

The data covers Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Entries are sorted by given names first, to help you find a remarried aunt. These are in strict alphabetical order, not word-by-word, so that Rose Mary and Rosemary are treated the same, but it also puts the Josephine names between the Joseph I and Joseph J names. Surnames are considered next, so that Jenn Zimmerman would come before Jenny Abbott. A person may be listed twice, especially now that we have begun adding links to obituaries.

I checked to see if I could find a couple of people born in Oklahoma. I found some listed and didn’t find another. It is unusual being listed in alphabetical order by first name, but that isn’t much of an issue. Once you choose the year, then choose the date, and find your person, there are a couple of links you can follow. The First is to a free site and the second is to Archives.com.

There are very early year dates listed on the site, for example 1582, but no records for that year. Clicking on various years, I found years like 1800 had a few clickable dates with records. Of course the older the year, the less records there where.

Sorted By Birthdate – Extras

Inside the website at the top there is a link to the Social security Master File. This can be very helpful if you are looking for family. Some of the information that goes along with the Master File includes: “TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS PURCHASING THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION’S
As a result of a court case under the Freedom of Information Act, SSA is required to release its death
information to the public. SSA’s DMF contains the complete and official SSA database extract, as well
as updates to the full file of persons reported to SSA as being deceased. ” The remained of the “There might be errors” disclosure can be found at the link above.

There is also a link to the webmasters other site: Cancelthesefunerals.com. On this site you can download a newer version of the Social Security Death Records Master file for free. This is the only website I know where you can get these records for free.

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