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The need and desire to find out just what your ancestry background is has become incredibly popular in recent years. So it’s no surprise that I would be one of the millions of people to utilize the internet to track down my roots. This is where comes into the story. is a free genealogy website that is part of the community. On the website, I can connect with other users so we can share what we have found in our genealogical research with one another. This increases the chance of helping me find out a piece of my genealogy that I may not have learned otherwise. makes these connections happen and provides a wide array of features including WorldConnect Project, User-contributed databases and RootsWeb surname list.

While there are several different genealogy sites online, what makes RootsWeb different is that I am able to add the information I have directly into their database. And since it’s part of the community, I can be directed there and access various other databases. With that said, I had to pay a subscription fee to use the databases on

When I first visited, I was a little turned off by the homepage. It’s not very appealing and contains a lot of links to other pages on the site. However, the links are accurate and organized, and the website is extremely easy to navigate.

I was able to conduct my research through the in two ways. The first was to use their WorldConnect Project tool, which allows users to upload their family trees. There are over 385 million names in the database and this number continues to grow daily. And what’s even better is that I was able to search the database for free. I never had to pay anything.

The second research option I had was through, which is the parent company of This option will require paying for an annual subscription fee through However, the database currently houses over 3 billion names, so that means I had a higher chance of finding the information I’m was looking for.

The only real downfall to is that they don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information on their site. And since they allow users on their database to modify the family trees, I had to independently verify the information I found myself. With that said, I was planning on verifying the information I had found anyway so that wasn’t a big turnoff for me.

My personal experience with is that it is a wonderful tool for beginners looking to divulge into their genealogy. I found that, as I got more serious about my quest, I needed to upgrade to the paid subscription on

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