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Modern technology has produced many electrifying things over the years. One of the most exciting is RootsMagic, which allows one to trace their ancestry. Organized by Bruce Buzbee in 1987, this is a genealogy software program that provides the means to track a family record using information from a multi-national database. This information covers many years of census records as well as other records of deaths, births and historical events. These records make it possible to find notations regarding chronological events in which relatives may have participated.

I have found that this program does not require an experienced professional to trace a family history. This has made it a thrilling adventure to establish a time line of my relatives who lived unusual lives. By tracing this database it is possible to find a relative who came to this country from a foreign country, participated in the Civil War, was a government official, worked for a king or has some other interesting achievement. There is nothing more fascinating than finding out about one’s family roots.

The RootsMagic Explorer section of the program made it easy to find and edit people on my list. It searched by genetic lines, surname or given names and other sources, which made it simple to use. By using their WebHints and other genealogy records, I was able to trace my ancestry.

The RootsMagic program has an edit screen, which allowed me to add information I knew regarding relatives. This made it easy to update the record. Instructions were easy to follow and provided the opportunity to explore a wide variety of genealogy record sites.

In addition to the retail version, a free download version is also offered. Established in 2009, the program is called RootsMagic Essentials. This version contains a number of basic features of the regular RootsMagic program and is an easy way to start tracing family records. An additional feature makes it possible to add photos, video clips and other information. This can be printed and shared with other family members.

In addition to city, county and state data, the RootsMagic Essentials it certified to request and reserve LDS temple information. The LDS temple is well known for its extensive work in accumulating family histories.

The regular RootsMagic Program and the RootsMagic Essentials program offer the opportunity to trace a family history that includes multiple relationships such as foster parents, adoptions and so forth. It simply requires pushing a button to automatically have a map appear with a notation as to the person’s birth, marriage, death and burial. This map covers the entire world.

There are a large number of genealogy software websites on the market such as MyHeritage, OnStar, FamilyLine and others. When searching a site, one of the things to be considered is the type of computer you are using. With RootsMagic, for example, the program is designed for Windows 2000,XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS/X 10.4 or later. It will not work on other computers.

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