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Many people, such as those in the Church of Ladder Day Saints, have a deep and driven love of genealogy. And why not? Knowing where you come from is fundamental to knowing who you are. There are many sites that supply the service of genealogy to people, and Puzzilla is one of those site.

A direct site link to familysearch.org, a Church of Ladder Day Saints direct lineage site, Puzzilla is a simplified and easier interface to work with. They provide both free and premium services, which are useful depending on what you need from the site, which I will elaborate on in a moment. For this review, I went through the free user sign up process, which is what I will be speaking on mostly in this review.

The sign up process is fairly simple. The sign up button takes you to the parent site to sign up, but the membership is for both pages. You will be asked for your name, email, and various other identifying pieces of information, including whether or not you are a Ladder Day Saint member. Once you have done all of this(which takes about a minute of your time), you will have to agree to the terms and continue, being prompted to verify your email or cell number, whichever you used. And from there you can log in with the username and password you created.

Here’s where it gets difficult for those who have never used familysearch or are an LDS familysearch member. If you don’t have a prior membership or are an LDS familysearch member, then you will want to use other methods for your genealogy.

Those who are not LDS and don’t have a premium membership or a prior familyID from an LDS member will find the site impossible to use, as there is nothing on there to help you get any further without one of those two. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are an LDS member, the premium membership isn’t free for you like it is on familysearch, because this affiliate has not had the pay off that other affiliate sites have had. So, if you are in either of the former groups, the free services, or even the entire site, are not necessarily for you.

That’s not to say that the site is in any way not worth the membership fee. The site is made in a way that, if you have a familyID or a premium membership, then it has the easiest family mapping I have ever seen on a lineage site. This site really is great for those that can make real use of it and should be taken to its full potential by those individuals.

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