Oregon Adoption Information Laws

By DD / February 29, 2016
Oregon adoption information laws

Oregon adoption information laws

Oregon Adoption Information Laws

Who May Access Information

Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 109.455; 109.500

The voluntary adoption registry may be used to obtain identifying information by the following persons:

  • A birth parent
  • An adult adopted person
  • An adult birth sibling
  • The adoptive parent of a deceased adopted person
  • The parents or adult siblings of a deceased birth parent

Nonidentifying information may be released to:

  • The adoptive parents of the child or the child’s guardian
  • The birth parent of the adopted person
  • An adult adopted person
  • If the adopted person is deceased:

The adopted person’s spouse if the spouse is the birth parent of the adopted person’s child or the guard­ian of any child of the adopted person

Any progeny of the adopted person who is age 18 or older

Access to Nonidentifying Information Citation: Ann. Stat. § 109.500

A genetic and social history and health history that excludes information identifying any birth parent or putative father, member of a birth parent’s or putative father’s family, the adopted person or the adoptive parents of the adopted person may be provided, if available, from an agency upon request to the persons listed above.

Mutual Access to Identifying Information
Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 109.455; 109.460

The persons listed above may use the voluntary adoption registry for obtaining identifying information about birth parents, the putative father, the adult adopted person, and adult birth siblings.

  • An adult adopted person who has a birth sibling in the adult adopted person’s adoptive family who is under age 18 may not have access to the registry.
  • A putative father may not have access to the registry.

The persons listed above shall work through the agency involved in the adoption, or its successor agency, or the Department of Human Services to receive information concerning the adoption.

The persons listed above and a putative father may register by submitting a signed affidavit to the registry. The affi­davit shall contain the information listed in § 109.465 and a statement of the registrant’s willingness to be identified to the other relevant persons who register. The affidavit gives authority to the registry to release identifying informa­tion to the other relevant persons who register. Each registration shall be accompanied by the birth certificate of the registrant.

An adopted person, or the parent or guardian of an adopted person under age 18, may register to have specific identifying information disclosed to Indian tribes or to governmental agencies in order to establish the adopted person’s eligibility for tribal membership or for benefits or to a person settling an estate.

If a birth parent or an adopted person fails to file an affidavit with the registry for any reason, including death or dis­ability, identifying information shall not be disclosed.

Access to Original Birth Certificate Citation: Ann. Stat. § 432.230

The original birth certificate is available upon order of the court or as provided by rule of the State registrar.

Where the Information Can Be Located

Voluntary Adoption Registry

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