My Heritage Adds DNA Matching

My Heritage Adds DNA Matching
My Heritage Adds DNA Matching

My Heritage Adds DNA Matching

My Heritage has announced that they will add DNA matching to their family tree building and serach platform. They will not be selling DNA testing kits but after you get your DNA tested at a major testing site such as Ancestry DNA or FTDNA, you can download your raw DNA to My Heritage.

My Heritage has not begun the DNA matching service yet, but is encouraging users to go ahead and upload their raw DNA to My Heritage so that when the new DNA matching goes live they will already have matches showing.

Currently My Heritage is offering their new DNA matching at no charge. They do state that the free service is only for now and that it may become a premium upgrade later. I suggest going ahead and uploading your raw DNA while it is free. As we always say, it is better to fish in as many ponds as possible. Also, I would be surprised if this service remained free for very long in the future. They are promising that if you upload your DNA now, you will not be charged for the service in the future.

If you have already had your DNA tested, you can import your raw DNA data to MyHeritage by visiting the new DNA tab on family tree profiles. Access the DNA tab for yourself by clicking on your name in the top-right corner of your family site, and go to your profile. You can access the DNA tab not only for yourself, but also for your relatives, from the left panel on the family tree.

From the My Heritage Blog announcement: “Our service will then match you to other people who share DNA with you: your relatives through a common ancestor. You will be able to review your matches’ family trees (excluding living people), and filter your matches by common surnames or geographies to focus on more relevant matches. This new technology will also enable you to prove and disprove other types of matches (such as Smart Matches™ and Record Matches) and connect with new relatives in order to collaborate. You’ll benefit from our vast international user base of 82 million registered users, plus the 10 million additional registered users on, and get matches you would not receive otherwise.”

My Heritage DNA Testing – What Next

The announcement from My Heritage was about DNA matching, but they do plan to add other “Ancestry type reports. They plan to offer ethnic/geographic origin reports. These will also be free for users who upload their DNA data now.

Besides being able to upload your own DNA, you can also upload the DNA of relatives if you have it. Currently you can only add DNA for relatives 1st cousin and closer but that is expected to change soon so that you can upload all your cousins and relatives DNA you might have.

There are supposed to be more details released soon. Questions about a chromosome browser being available but this has not been answered yet. Since a chromosome browser is available at, whether or not My Heritage includes one isn’t as important, but for people wanting to check a browser for new matches on My Heritage this is a major question yet to be answered.

You can read the original announcement at My Heritage Blog.

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