Legacy 8.0 Genealogy Software Review

Legacy 8.0 Software

Legacy 8.0 Software

One of the best ways to get people to try a piece of software is to offer a fairly full-featured package for free, and then offer sophisticated, advanced features in the full package that will compel the user to upgrade once they get started using the basic package.

The makers of Legacy 8.0 Genealogy software are pretty good about using this strategy to allow people that want to organize their family tree to get comfortable using their sophisticated interface for Windows- whether they have purchased yet or not.

Their software is easy to download and install, taking most users only minutes to get to the point where they are ready to enter data.

Here are some of the features that help the software to stand out:

GED-COM file compatibility: At this point in history, many people that are starting to develop their family tree will have relatives that have family information that is stored in GED-COM format. When a program can successfully import these files without losing any of the formatting that was put into them, it can save you a lot of time. Legacy 8.0 is very strong in this area, importing GED-COM files in several styles without missing a beat. I was able to open GED-COM files from other countries, other software programs, and the internet without losing any data or seeing existing data become garbled.

Search: Legacy 8.0 offers a tabbed interface that allows users to choose the type of view that they want displayed. Users can choose from a family tree view, a detailed family view that shows parents and children together with links to other generations, a list view, a descendant view that has descendants clustered around an ancestor, and a chronology view that allows users to see the life events of each person. You can also choose the website home as a tab and get updated on your most current online genealogy research right away. The real advantage that all these views have over the competition is that when you go to search, you can find your data in a number of ways. If you are looking for a last name, you can search the list view or use the search option to enter what you are looking for using conditions that most websites don’t offer.

Offline Capability: There are a lot of people who have shared their genealogy online using websites like Ancestry.com or Family Search.org. Because these sites offer access to the public, most of the family trees that are posted have some of the information edited in order to allow people to have some privacy. I think Legacy 8.0’s approach is probably more secure. Instead of entering everything online and then protecting what you don’t want people to see, they allow users to enter information offline in a Windows application. Users can then share what they choose to online or generate a GED-COM file that they can send to other family members. Security can make a difference if you enter your family tree data in a coffee shop or library over a Wi-Fi connection.

The only downside that I have noticed for Legacy 8.0 is that in the Free Version the software will sometimes hiccup when users try and use the Family view to drill upward through the generations. As that only occurs rarely, it almost isn’t even worth mentioning.

Overall, Legacy 8.0 is easy to use and allows you to securely enter and save family records in a variety of formats for use online or use in your own home.

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