How to Find Sperm Donor Father

By DD / September 5, 2016
Sperm Donor
How to Find Sperm Donor Father

How To Find Sperm Donor

How to find sperm donor father

You are not alone. Estimates put the number of children conceived through anonymous sperm donors in the United States to be 30-60,000 per year. Many of these children are not informed of the way they were conceived. The ones that are aware often become curious about their biological heritage. They may wish to know if half-brothers and sisters exist, or even if accidental incest could occur without proper knowledge.

Many feel that they are a mystery, and long to solve it.

Apparently, the phenomenon of children wishing to know biological fathers did not occur to fertility doctors in the 1970s when artificial insemination of humans became a reality. Donors were assured of anonymity and discretion.

Adoption was also cloaked in mystery. Parents surrendering children for adoption were told that secrecy was better for everyone. Biological parents surrendering children for adoption were counseled to remain out of a surrendered child’s life.

Now that concept has been broken wide open with diligent internet searches by children desperate to know who they really are.

Fourteen years ago Wendy Kramer founded Donor Sibling Registry. She is empathetic to those wishing to know their ancestry.

“Sperm banks are responsive to helping people get pregnant, but they offer no support to those wishing to know their ancestry,” she states.

Donor Sibling Registry, with Kramer as founder, has connected 11,400 donor conception families.

Thousands of people visit DSR from all over the globe. It is a worldwide organization, with matches from practically every country on earth.

If you are interested in joining Donor Sibling Registry, it is simple to register as a member. Add a posting containing your facility of donor, if you know it. If you see it listed, just post beneath it. If you are unsure, there are miscellaneous listings by decade, such as Misc 1980. Make sure your email is included for messages.

Reputable companies to submit samples for DNA testing are and These companies can identify persons as parents or half-siblings, based on their large data base.

Be aware that these two companies provide different sorts of DNA information. provides email addresses of matches, degree of relationship and ancestral surnames. They may provide first names, as well. People in Familytreedna database are actively searching for relatives, so responses are likely to be forthcoming.

Victoria, Australia provides the right to knowledge of sperm-donor parentage at the age of 18, by contacting the state register. When this became law, biological parents were located by thousands of people born from donors before 1988, a completely sealed door until the law took effect.

In Switzerland donor anonymity rules have been relaxed, but many records were destroyed, so disappointment is sometimes the result of searches there.

Many adult children of anonymous sperm and egg donors feel a strong need to know the identity of a parent, and feel they deserve to know. The donor may be a stranger, but it is a stranger with whom DNA is shared. This is an important reason to search for donor parents.

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