Heredis Software Review

Heredis Softwaare

Heredis Softwaare

Heredis Software Review
If you’re looking for software to keep you connected to your history whether you’re near your computer or far from it, Heredis is an exceptional option. Heredis is both customizable and thorough in its ability to recreate family trees, produce lineage charts, and even develop books to show your entire family history.

Heredis is a good choice for those who use online sources and often share what they find with the online community. This software takes advantage of syncing via Wi-Fi or USB and allows syncing with other PCs, Macs, or any iOS device, so that you can spread your work online immediately or send updates directly to physical devices. Heredis can recognize nearly any peripheral connected to your computer, whether it be a flash drive or an external HD. Genealogy sites like FamilySearch, MyHeritage, and Ancestry all connect together with Heredis and its own database, Heredis Online, so you can be sure you are getting the most up to date information available.

Both novice researchers and professional genealogists will benefit from the Heredis software. Citations for digital and print sources are added by the software after it has received information from the user, typed easily into a basic text editor. This not only makes it quick for researchers and professionals to add sources accurately without worrying about mistakes, but it also allows the novice user to fully utilize the software with simplified data entry that produces formatted citations automatically. A notes field also provides an area for comments or questions, and sources can be ranked for their quality on a scale of zero to three.

One draw back for this software is that it cannot incorporate DNA tests as sources. That means that genealogists trying to find ancestral geographic origins will be unable to use the Heredis software to consider DNA tests. Most other genealogy software allows for inputing DNA test data, but it is rare for DNA testing to operate alongside such software through the same system or corporation.

Digital and print sources can be divided into many distinct categories when using the family tree maker built into Heredis. An index of all sources can be searched and revisited through a number of categories, including location, occupation, surname, given name, and several others. This ease of sorting directly through the interface only further increases the productivity of Heredis.

Sharing and spreading research is the backbone of all genealogy, as the field can not progress without a well of information for new enthusiasts to draw upon. Heredis makes this a painless process for users, using charts and other visual aides to show what you’ve found in your history. Family trees, interactive maps that show how your family progressed, and graphs displaying any and all pertinent information can be produced using Heredis, regardless of your level of expertise.

These display formats are not all that Heredis can do for the user. The software has a build in transfer mechanism that creates a Microsoft Word document containing every piece of information you found, which can then be developed into a custom book detailing your ancestry. Heredis Online will further let the user create a full website dedicated to their hard work and research. Priced at $29.99 and designed specifically to be easily useable by anyone, Heredis is a prime option for genealogy software.

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