Get Started With Genetic Genealogy Video

Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy Video

Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy Video

Getting Started With Genetic Genealogy is a great video for beginners.  It isn’t technical and is the perfect place to start with Genetic Genealogy.  It is a recorded talk presented at RootsTech by Diahan Southard an independent genetic genealogist.

This talk presents the beginner basics in a fun and entertaining way and is about 45 minutes long.  “DNA – No Miracles, Just Math” starts with the basic question of which DNA test should someone buy.  She goes through the main three types of DNA tests, YDNA, MtDNA, and Autosomal DNA and why you would buy each of them.  She goes through what you get with each test like the list of matches, the overlapping locations of matches, and the overlapping surnames.  She touches on how DNA is transferred through generations and tells about connecting with a cousin through DNA she didn’t know had.  This cousin was able to share information and photos with her, allowing her to see pictures of her great grandmother she had never seen. If you are just beginning, watch this video. She also touches on Ethnicy reports and other information included with the basic DNA test at the 3 major testing sites.

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This getting started with genetic genealogy video is  a basic starting point for beginners and worth the time to watch.

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