Georgia Babies For Sale – A Look Back

By DD / September 18, 2016
Babies for sale
Babies for sale

Babies for sale

A McCaysville, Georgia doctor sold babies to couples that were not able to have their own children.  Today those babies have grown up and are looking for answers. The story covers Sandy Dearth who goes back and visits where she was born and shortly after was handed out a back window to her future parents. There were approximately 212 other children who have become known as the Hicks Babies, after Dr. Thomas Jugarthy Hicks that were illegally given out.  Documents were forged to cover their tracks.  People, approximately 212 couples, who would usually never break the law, where part of this scheme.  Receiving babies in the middle of the night through windows, forged documents, lying about where the baby cam from, this is an amazing piece of adoption history.

In the article “Babies For Sale“, ”

Starting in 1955 and running through the early 1960s, Hicks offered secretive abortions and adoptions here. Eventually, in 1964, he was caught performing an abortion and was summarily stripped of his medical license. He died in 1972 and it took three decades before Hicks’ actions were brought to light. In 1997, news of the scandal broke, as several Hicks Babies began digging into their past. The story made national news, resurfacing again in 2014, when the Babies teamed up with and ABC News to conduct DNA tests on themselves and members of the nearby community. The researchers made several matches, and the Babies met many long-lost cousins and siblings. A very small number were reconnected with their birth parents.

Although their search for their origins has been documented – some might even say exploited – what remains unseen is the powerful relationship the Hicks Babies share with each other and to the place that is and isn’t their hometown. It is a story punctuated by emotional reunions with individuals who have spent decades helping to undo the damage caused so many years ago. And it is a story of the unique and deep comradeship that has arisen amongst this most unusual of groups.”

The story talks about different opinions of Dr. Hicks.  Some see him as a doctor that got wealthy selling babies, even stealing babies.  Others see him as someone that was trying to help babies have a better life and providing a service to childless couples.  He was known to support community organizations and help with illegal abortions to help women in trouble.  His records of the births were never found.

Read this whole interesting article at Babies For Sale  written by Dr. Matthew Steven Bruen is an Assistant Professor of English at Young Harris College in Young Harris, Georgia.

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