Georgia Adoption Information Laws

Georgia Adoption Information Laws
Georgia Adoption Information Laws

Georgia Adoption Information Laws

Georgia Adoption Information Laws

Who May Access Information Citation: Ann. Code § 19-8-23

Information may be accessed by:

  • The adult adopted person
  • The birth parents
  • Adult birth siblings
  • The child of the adopted person, if the adopted person is deceased
  • The adoptive parents

The adoptive parents may access only nonidentifying information.

Access to Nonidentifying Information Citation: Ann. Code § 19-8-23

Upon the written request of an adopted person age 18 or older or an adoptive parent on behalf of an adopted person, nonidentifying information shall be released regarding the birth parents and the adopted person’s birth, including the date and place of the adopted person’s birth and the genetic, social, and health history of the birth parents.


Mutual Access to Identifying Information Citation: Ann. Code § 19-8-23

Upon written request of an adopted person age 21 or older, the name of the birth parents shall be released if the birth parent has submitted an unrevoked written consent. If a birth parent has not filed an unrevoked written

consent, the department shall, within 6 months of receipt of the written request, make a diligent effort to notify each birth parent, by personal and confidential contact, that a request for information has been made. The birth parent may then file an affidavit consenting or objecting to disclosure.

The adopted person also may petition the court to seek the release of information. The court shall grant the petition if it finds that failure to release the identity of each parent would have an adverse impact upon the physical, mental, or emotional health of the adopted person.

Birth parents and adult birth siblings may also access information about an adopted person using the same proce­dure. If the adopted person is deceased and leaves a child, such child, upon reaching age 21, may seek the name and other identifying information concerning his or her grandparents in the same manner as the deceased adopted person and subject to the same procedures.

The Office of Adoptions within the department shall maintain a registry for the recording of requests by adopted persons for the name of any birth parent, the written consent or the written objections of any birth parent to the release of that parent’s identity to an adopted person, and for nonidentifying information regarding any birth parent.

Access to Original Birth Certificate Citation: Ann. Code § 31-10-14

[Effective until July 1, 2006]

The original birth certificate is accessible only by order of the court or as provided by statute. Where the Information Can Be Located

Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry

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