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Genome Mate Pro

I found my birth family using DNA genealogy tools. When it comes to gathering DNA information, there are a few tools that you can turn to. The main 3rd party DNA genealogy software are, and the other is Genome Mate Pro, a free desktop program that allows you to keep keep track of autosomal DNA research in an easy and efficient manner. Written by developer Rebecca Walker, there are a number of reasons why this particular program is worth checking out. There is a 100 + page user guide written by Jim Sipe that you will want to download and use. This is great software but fairly complicated. Just using 529andYou Google Chrome Extension to download the information from can be challenging.

Genome Mate Pro Features

Genome Mate Pro has a wide variety of features that other similar ones do not possess. It offer the option of creating multiple profiles and can keep track of multiple DNA kits. When conducting research on many different subjects, this makes the process much simpler. You can also triangulate results in a more organic way than other programs allow and create new groups with this information. Genome Mate Pro also makes it possible for you to import data from FTDNA, GedMatch, and 23andMe. You can also search and match by surname, and can display overlapping segments in a clear way.

Easy of Use

Unlike other DNA tools, this one is relatively simple to use once you get used to the program. Because it allows you to group different profiles, you can conduct a large amount of research without too much effort on your part. You can also export results to other programs easily. Genome Mate Pro provides results that are simple to save and share, too, making it a great choice for serious researchers.

More Confidential

Genome Mate Pro allows you to save information on your own computer and does not upload it to an online cloud or server. This makes it possible for you to conduct research without worrying about anyone else having access to it. This also makes the program more accurate and safer, since you never have to worry about anyone tampering with results.

Genome Mate Pro is not only an easy-to-use program, but it is a safe one that has many features you will not find in other similar products. If you are serious about DNA research and want a tool that can help you take your findings to the next level Genome Mate Pro is the right choice for you.

This software uses data from several other DNA genealogy websites. First you need your raw DNA from the DNA testing sites. Then you will be uploading it to other sites, then you will be using Genome Mate Pro to sort everything out. DNAGedcom can be used as an input of match data to Genome Mate Pro. It is also a place where Gedcom data is stored from FTDNA and Ancestry that can be used in “Tree Analysis”.

I am new to Genome Mate Pro and think it has a lot to offer, however I used,, and JWorks alone with Chrome extensions and most importantly writing to matches to solve my birth parents puzzle. My bottom line option is that it is an awesome tool that can save tons of time and lets you see and organize your data in every which way, but it is not for the computer challenged. A few video tutorials have recently been added and I will watch those and give you a review of them. This software could easily charge for use, like a monthly fee instead of donation. If you are patient enough to use a very large guide, this might just be everything you need to find your family.

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I found my birth family after 40 years of looking for them. I used DNA tests, software to sort DNA match results, family trees, contacting DNA matches and several website tools. We want to provide you a "one stop shop" with all your resources to help YOU find YOUR family.

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