Finding your family tree is not a new phenomenon. However, in the 2st century, there are a plethora of tools to uncover a vast array of information from websites such as this one. I found it was quicker than anticipated using this website. With so many resources, it was easy for me to get started after I reviewed the left-side links.

I was excited as I tried to figure out where to begin. The site takes this into account so categories have been set-up that got me going. There was a learning online section that takes you through important steps with videos and tutorials, a blog with insightful articles as well as a subscription to the monthly newsletter.

Site Pros

The bulk of documented information comes from thousand of exclusive newspapers from each state. The database has records that date back to the late 1600s, which helped me answer the question of how far back to search. For me, obituaries were a gold mine, because I got to see the content writing style from each period. It was amazing to find the quality of actual hard copies from cities and towns of all sizes.

With the wealth of information, I decided to try out the tutorial webinars as well as videos. A well-written blog has more great informational articles that gave me tips to make my search more efficient. They offer a newsletter that is free with a quick sign-up.

An annual gift membership allows you the ability to choose a membership card from a variety of special designs. You can also pick the date for the membership to start. I liked the three subscription choices for getting started including a reduced 30 day trial, monthly, or annual options.

Site Cons

Site aesthetics are a bit crowded and bulky. It was not always clear on how to move on the pages. At times, I lost my place and had to refocus. Some states did not have as many resources as I would have liked. Because of how much information is available, a better job at organizing the site would be welcomed.

Subscription Options

For a project like this, I was pleased with the two very affordable options for a subscription. There is a 100 percent money-back guarantee throughout membership. The first 30 days is a bargain trial of $9.95 that can be cancelled before the final package starts to bill.

I choice the annual subscription package for a one-time charge of less than $75. You can create an account in under ten minutes on-line or call a toll free number for a representative to help. I found it easy to set mine up and get started in no time.


I checked out several websites before deciding on this one. It appeared to have an equal amount of resources similar to The amount of tutorial resources was also similar for beginners as well as those who have been searching for some time. There is an equal amount of ways to reach support if you need it.

In my opinion, it lacked some interesting services including a pedigree chart or DNA component. However, its packages are more affordable. Another difference for this website is purity in its presentation without the bells and whistles of the other sites.

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I found my birth family after 40 years of looking for them. I used DNA tests, software to sort DNA match results, family trees, contacting DNA matches and several website tools. We want to provide you a "one stop shop" with all your resources to help YOU find YOUR family.

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