Four Things to Know When Choosing a DNA Test

choosing a DNA test
choosing a DNA test

choosing a DNA test

Four Things to Know When Choosing a DNA Test

In doing my research on choosing a DNA test, I have found that certain factors can help in determining what type of test to select. These factors include the price of the test, the reputation of the company involved, how long the company has been in business, and what former customers have to say about a particular DNA testing company. Knowing what details to look for can help to streamline the process of choosing and implementing a DNA test. There are several DNA testing sites. The big three are, Family Tree and Each of these have pro’s and con’s. Use the tips below to help you choose. Besides these four points, think about what you are trying to accomplish with the tests.  If you are looking for family members, be sure the site includes access to family trees.  If you are looking for health information, that is another consideration.

1. Price Matters

Price can be a good indication of the quality of a test. Based on my research, DNA tests may range anywhere from under $100 to over $2,000. I would suggest considering a test that is at least in the mid-range between $100 and $600 if absolute accuracy is a top priority. Naturally, tests done at home are going to cost less than those implemented by professionals.

2. Reputation and 3. Longevity

I’ve paired reputation and longevity together because they are complementary factors. A business does not generally have time to develop an impeccable reputation in the span of six months. Serving customers well takes time, and a company needs to prove itself over the long run before it may become a brand leader in DNA testing. Tests not performed at home should be done at a reputable lab by experienced professionals.

4. Choosing a DNA Test Company – Reviews

Another important aspect of shopping for a DNA test is exploring what former customers have had to say about various companies. A company that has a reasonable number of bad reviews coupled with many more great reviews may be the best choice. If you can only find rave comments about a business online, that could be a sign that the company has paid to have negative comments removed. A company that has been in business for years is not likely to have absolutely no unhappy customers. However – if most of the online comments about a DNA testing company are positive and some of the positive experiences have been detailed, that company is probably a safe option.

Knowing what factors to look for when shopping for DNA tests can save a person much time and money. I would recommend that an individual compare prices, as well as look into how many years a company has been in business. A solid reputation is also crucial, and this might be determined by taking a look at the reviews former customers have provided about a company.

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