Military Records Website Review Military Records Website Review

Anyone who has a fascination with genealogy or military history may appreciate the resources found at This easy-to-use website is chock-full of useful data, including digital scans of primary records that could prove to be a goldmine for researchers. Whether you’re looking for information about an ancestor or are interested in learning more about history through the lens of America’s military conflicts, has much to offer.

What Does It Cost?

If you’d like to explore what this website boasts, then it makes sense to sign up for a free, seven-day trial. This gives you access to a premium membership, which currently costs $79.95 per year. It’s also possible to pay $7.95 per month if you prefer to have access for a shorter period. Alternatively, you can receive limited access with a free membership. You will not have access to all of’s resources like their Premium historical images nor will you have the ability to share images with family and friends. Nonetheless, you can create Memorial Pages, upload images to your gallery and browse images and documents with a free membership. Is it a New Website? originated in 2007 as, a website that contained an archive of more than five million documents. Their military records collection was particularly rich, and it was this that led to purchase the website in 2010. It became in 2011 and was restyled to focus on military history. Now, the resources available at the website can be augmented by the photos, paraphernalia and records stored in peoples’ attics and basements to produce a more complete picture of any service member’s record. This is an ideal opportunity to create a unique and informative memorial page for anyone who has served their country. What Records Are Included?

At, any researcher can browse through military records dating back to the Revolutionary War and including recent conflicts like Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Records include war pensions, service records and muster rolls. Non-military records relating to federal censuses, naturalizations and homesteading are also available. Clippings from newspapers and a wide variety of historical photographs enrich the collection and give members a broader, more realistic sense of history.

For instance, anyone interested in Abraham Lincoln and Civil War history may be fascinated to be able to review the exhibits used in the court martial of the conspirators involved in the President’s assassination. Just as fascinating are the digital copies of missing air crew reports from World War II and photographs of military ceremonies conducted during the Vietnam War.

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