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Find My Family Magazine Forum – Please Come

Find My Family Magazine Forum

Find My Family Magazine has added a forum. The forum offers the ability to post questions, answer questions, start your own blog where you can talk about your journey to find your family, and even talk to each other using live chat rooms.

There are some great organizations out there on Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and other social media. These are great groups that helps thousands of people. My hope is to create the same kind of help group but with some easier to use tools. I have been a member of several Yahoo Groups that help people find their birth family and I have seen the same questions getting asked over and over. I get 100 emails a day that are just people talking back and forth. On this new forum, the questions will stay as topics and threads that people can read for years. With the live chat, questions can be answered live. If you want to set up a private chat room and have a group discussion you are able to. If you want to have a one-on-one chat with a search angel you can.

Please join our Find My Family Magazine Forum and ask questions, give advise, write a blog. let us know what works and what doesn’t work so we can make it the best free forum for help to find family.

Why did I create this forum? Check out my video below and listen to my story.

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I found my birth family after 40 years of looking for them. I used DNA tests, software to sort DNA match results, family trees, contacting DNA matches and several website tools. We want to provide you a "one stop shop" with all your resources to help YOU find YOUR family.

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