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WhyFind your birth family

Want to find your birth family or the birth relatives of someone that is close to you that was put up for adoption? One in sixty families is touched by adoption in some way, so please know that you are not alone. Also know that laws continue to change to make more information available and advancements with DNA testing has given us a new way to search we didn’t have a few years ago.
Why find your birth family? There are 5 main reasons to find your birth family. When you get discouraged, read back through these reasons and get back to work.

Reason 1: Medical. How many time have you gone to the doctor and been given a long form to fill out about your family history? Doctors order some tests based on family history. Most insurance starts paying 100% of mammograms at 40. If you have a family history of breast cancer the doctor may think you need to be tested yearly starting at 30. You would miss 10 years of proactive testing. Is it fair to your children and grandchildren not to know their complete medical history? Even though you can use LiveWello and Prometheus to get health reports based on DNA, nothing compares to being able to ask live relatives what conditions they have and what they know about others in the family.

Reason 2: Research has shown that children that know their family history do better in school and better in life. In 2013 Dr. Duke at Emory University did research with children and found that the more they knew about their family and family history and stories, the better they did in school and the more successful they were in their lives.

Reason 3: Legal. In this day and age of law suits, isn’t it better if you know who you are related to and not be surprised? If you won the 800 million dollar Power Ball and then died a couple of years later do you really know DNA relatives you never met wouldn’t pop up for a share of the estate? What if you found out your birth mother won the Power Ball and never had other children and no heirs? Something to think about.

Reason 4. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Even adopted people with the best adopted families wonders about the people that made them. Just to know that the questions have been answered and that a stranger with a story isn’t going to be standing on your doorstep someday should give you peace of mind. I never looked like anyone in my family. When I saw a picture of my birth mother I was shocked. I look just like her. Meeting my half-siblings they said I looked just like her, was built like her, and even had her mannerisms. I wish we could have stood side by side for a picture.

Reason 5. Your missing out. With few exceptions, finding a birth family, meeting new relatives, and the whole experience is positive. In my case, I found 3 half sisters and 2 half brothers. Everyone has kids and some grand kids and I felt I had missed so much. My birth mother and father had passed away, but I had brothers and sisters and aunts that I had never had before and it was the first time I felt like I belong somewhere. I hear a lot of reunion stories. Probably 90% are positive and 10% negative. There are people that can’t handle meeting their child for one reason or another. I know a young woman in her 20’s that found her mother and about 2 hours after meeting her for the first time, her mother asked her for money for drugs. As disappointing as that was for her, she was still glad that she looked and found the truth.

The truth shall set you free. Good luck in your journey to find your birth family. Looking for your birth parents is not an event, it can be a long journey but you will be glad when you accomplish your goal. Like they say “It isn’t the destination, it is the journey.”

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I found my birth family after 40 years of looking for them. I used DNA tests, software to sort DNA match results, family trees, contacting DNA matches and several website tools. We want to provide you a "one stop shop" with all your resources to help YOU find YOUR family.

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