Family Tree Maker Software Review

Family Tree Maker Software

Family Tree Maker Software

As a long-time genealogy enthusiast, I can honestly say that the Family Tree Maker is one of the most valuable organizational tools available in the genealogy world. Family Tree Maker offers an easy to use template for storing information about each family member added to the tree. I have a large blended family, and Family Tree Maker also offers the option to include and smoothly display re-marriages and step-children, which can be difficult or not an option that is even offered by some other programs.

I had started building my family tree using another program, but it was easy to transfer the information to Family Tree Maker using the GEDCOM loading option. This program also produces GEDCOMs for easy sharing with other family members or to assist in searches via popular ancestry websites and search engines. Valuable information can be stored all in one place using Family Tree Maker. Besides birth dates, death dates, and marriage dates, it’s also possible to include photos, medical records, or historical documents, so there is no more searching through disorganized files to find what I’m looking for. The tree is displayed in a pedigree format that makes information easy to read and to access.

When syncing information between Family Tree Maker and, it is important to have the information backed up. One of the issues I had while using the program was the occasional glitch in the syncing process, but as any savvy computer user knows, it’s always important to back up files–no matter what the project is!

One of my favorite features of the Family Tree Maker is that it offers a large selection of charts and reports to display family information, which can then be printed or even assembled into a book to be shared with others. Reports can be customized with different backgrounds or the user’s own images.

While Family Tree Maker may cost a little more than some of the competing software, the cost actually includes a 3-month membership to, which for me has been an absolutely invaluable resource in my genealogy search. In fact, I have traced my family history back to the 1500s using these resources! Obviously, no computer program is perfect, but I found that the Family Tree Maker software was well worth the cost and contained everything I was looking for and more.

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