DNA Testing Companies

DNA Testing Companies
DNA Testing Companies

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It seems there is a new DNA testing site being launched every month. Besides the big 3, Ancestry, 23amdMe, and Family Tree DNA, there are money more sites. This page at ISOOG.org lists DNA testing sites. It breaks them up with Paternity testing separate since that is generally people that have something to compare with and are looking for different information, and companies no longer in business.

DNA testing companies
23andMe (adoption, deep ancestry, ethnicity, genealogy, health)
African Ancestry (deep ancestry)
AfricanDNA (FTDNA affiliate) (deep ancestry, ethnicity, genealogy)
AncestrybyDNA (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
AncestryDNA, a subsidiary of Ancestry.com (adoption, ethnicity, genealogy)
BritainsDNA (formerly Ethnoancestry) (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
CymruDNAWales – see BritainsDNA
DNA Ancestry and Family Origin (FTDNA affiliate in the Middle East) (adoption, deep ancestry, full mtDNA sequencing, genealogy)
DNA Consultants (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
DNA Spectrum (ethnicity)
DNA Tribes (ethnicity)
DNA Worldwide (FTDNA partner (deep ancestry, ethnicity, genealogy, paternity, relationship)
Ethnoancestry – see BritainsDNA
Family Tree DNA (adoption, deep ancestry, full mtDNA sequencing, genealogy, identity, relationship, Y chromosome sequencing)
Full Genomes Corporation (whole genome sequencing, Y-chromosome sequencing)
Gene by Gene – the parent company of Family Tree DNA which now incorporates the companies previously known as DNA Traits, DNA DTC and DNA Findings (research, health, exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing)
Genebase (deep ancestry, genealogy)
Genographic Project (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
iGENEA (FTDNA affiliate) (deep ancestry, genealogy)
IrelandsDNA – See BritainsDNA (formerly Ethnoancestry)
Oxford Ancestors (deep ancestry, genealogy)
Roots for Real (deep ancestry, ethnicity, genealogy)
ScotlandsDNA – (formerly Ethnoancestry) (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
Sorenson Genomics (laboratory services)
Sure Genomics (whole genome sequencing)
Centrillion Biosciences (aka TribeCode) (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
YorkshiresDNA – See BritainsDNA (formerly Ethnoancestry)
YSEQ (custom Y-SNPs, Y-STRs, SNP panels)
Paternity/relationship testing companies
There are a number of DNA testing companies who specialize in paternity, relationship, identity, forensic and immigration testing. Some of these companies also offer deep ancestry and ethnicity testing as a secondary product:

Determigene (deep ancestry, paternity, immigration, infidelity, relationship)
DNA Reference Laboratory (deep ancestry, forensic, immigration, paternity, relationship)
DNA Diagnostics Center (US) and DNA Diagnostics Centre (UK) (deep ancestry, forensic, identity, immigration, paternity, prenatal paternity, relationship) – the parent company of AncestrybyDNA and the laboratory used by DNA Tribes
DNAFindings (immigration, paternity, relationship)
DNAForce (deep ancestry, paternity, prenatal, relationship)
DNA Solutions (deep ancestry, paternity, relationship)
easy-DNA.com (US); easydna.co.uk (UK); easydna.com.au (Australia) (deep ancestry, ethnicity, paternity, prenatal paternity, siblingship)
Genetic Testing Laboratories
Indian Biosciences (ethnicity, health, immigration, paternity, relationship)
International Biosciences (deep ancestry, paternity, relationship)
Nimble Diagnostics (deep ancestry, ethnicity, paternity, relationship)
DNA testing companies no longer trading
Argus BioSciences (deep ancestry, full mtDNA sequencing)
Cambridge DNA Services (Internet Archive version) (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
DNA Bioscience (genealogy, immigration, paternity, relationship)
DNA-Fingerprint (acquired by Family Tree DNA in 2006)
DNA Heritage (acquired by Family Tree DNA in April 2011) (deep ancestry, genealogy)
DNAme (deep ancestry, ethnicity)
DNAPrint Genomics (ethnicity)
Family Builder (Internet Archive version from February 2010)[1] (deep ancestry, genealogy)
Family Genetics (UK) (deep ancestry, genealogy)
GeneTree (acquired by AncestryDNA) in 2012) (deep ancestry, genealogy)
Relative Genetics (acquired by AncestryDNA in summer 2007) (deep ancestry, genealogy)
Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (acquired by AncestryDNA in 2012) (deep ancestry, genealogy)
Trace Genetics (acquired by DNAPrint Genomics in June 2005

See our reviews of some of these testing companies on this website.

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