DNA Matching on MyHeritage

DNA Matching MyHeritage

This DNA Matching on MyHeritage DNA Matching on MyHeritage[/caption]“>announcement from the MyHeritage Blog says that the Beta is over DNA matching on MyHeritage is over. The DNA matching is now a regular feature and is being met with mixed response. Some of the functions many would like to see are currently not there. You can now see your DNA matches at myHeritage if you uploaded your raw DNA results, by clicking on the tab “Discoveries” and then on “DNA Matches” in the drop down. When you have more than one kit there is another drop down to select which kit’s matches to view. It is small down arrow to the right of your name after the words “DNA Matches For”.

“Our DNA Matching in Beta mode was a good start, but it wasn’t perfect. There were many false positives in our Beta release and the initial accuracy was not on a level that we were satisfied with. We also received feedback from the community about missing features and functionality.

Following the initial release, we have been working around the clock to improve DNA Matching, optimize the accuracy of the matching algorithms, reduce false positives and add features that will help users get the most out of their matches. As the DNA Matching leaves Beta mode now, all matches have been re-calculated. What this means is that previous matches that are now considered as false positives have been removed, and matches that have had a change in their parameters or predicted relationships are denoted as updated. Matches were not removed if a communication took place between the users on both sides of the match, but the display now shows their information more accurately.

Additionally we’ve increased the speed for processing matches. The first processing round took us nearly 3 months as we built the infrastructure. Then it was increased to around two weeks. We are currently calculating matches every week and the process will become daily as of next week, and possibly close to real-time in the future.

Searching the DNA matches by person’s name or country is a new feature we’ve added in response to user requests.”

There are some limitations. Unfortunately without a subscription, when you press the orange “Contact” box for a match, you see that contact is only possible with a Premium or PremiumPlus membership. From a user: “I’ve added our GEDmatch numbers to all of our names in the hope that some of the matches might make contact by finding us on GEDmatch, and I’ve also added my contact details on my Welcome screen on MyHeritage. But having to use such partial workarounds is frustrating and will probably mean I don’t bother much with MyHeritage’s DNA function unless they make some significant improvements.” We do suggest putting your GEDMatch number on your profile page so people can contact you if you are looking for family. Another user commented “At this point I’m very skeptical about most of the DNA matches that MyHeritage is showing for my immediate family members and I am likely to delete all our DNA from there soon. I would be interested to know if anyone has found anything useful yet based on uploading their DNA data to MyHeritage.”. Users are comparing the matches they have on other testing sites and know matches such as brothers and sister to matches that are showing on MyHeritage and not finding the same matches. Another user had better results “While I am not sure every match on MyHeritage is an accurate one, I have found it useful. My father has a fairly unusual surname. I found an Ancestry user who had many people with the same surname on his tree, but we were unable to tell how or even if our ancestors were related. He showed up in my MyHeritage matches, which indicates to me that our families may, indeed be connected. So, for me, at least, uploading data was worthwhile.”

Now that the Beta testing period is over hopefully the results will give everyone looking for family good matches so that they can be followed up on and more people will be reunited. If you have experience with the DNA Matching on MyHeritage, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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