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Genome Mate Pro

Genome Mate Pro

DNA Data Sorting Websites



GEDCOM’s are generally thought of as Family Trees.  You will need to learn to download these from sites like Ancestry.com and use them to find your family. When you see GEDCOM, think of communication between programs. GEDCOM is an acronym standing for GEnealogical Data COMmunication. A GEDCOM is a text file (*.ged) that includes information that a software program needs to create a tree of ancestors. All of the tree-building software programs can read GEDCOM files. Since this file format is common to all genealogy sites, it allows people to share trees from one program to another.  When you have some DNA matches, you will want to use their family tree or GEDCOM file to find common family members so you can narrow in on your more recent shared family members.  For example you may have 3th cousin matches so you will be checking to see who their great grandparents where. Being able to download family trees from multiple sites and load them to one site is a huge help with family searches.


As soon as you get your DNA results back from Ancestry, 23andMe, or Family Tree DNA, you need to upload the raw DNA files to GEDMATCH.  GEDmatch.com is a free website with software that allows DNA testers to upload raw data from FTDNA, AncestryDNA, and 23andMe to compare with a large database of data that has been voluntarily uploaded by other testers. Their email address is Gedmatch@gmail.com. The website address is http://www.gedmatch.com.  They do have advanced searching tools that require a $10 per month membership.  You can buy as little as 1 month if you won’t need to continue to use it, or you can subscribe to reoccurring monthly payments.


This is the server owned by DNAGed.com , Rob Warthen and Karin Corbeil. It is where tools to help in your search are posted. You can download your raw DNA file from your Ancestry, FTDNA and 23andme tests, get tools to use on your PC and upload and compare data. DNAGed.com works with GEDMatch.com.  For instance, doing a triangulation report to see not only who you match, but who they match so you can see who you have in common, you will run a report in GEDMatch.com then copy it into DNAGed.com, then generate reports. While you are uploading your raw DNA into GEDMatch.com, also go to DNAGed.com and use the tools that will bring your DNA and Match information into DNAGed.com.  Instructions to get you started with DNAGed.com can be found at: http://dnaged.com/doc/welcome-to-the-dnagedcom-client/  If you used 23andMe or Family Tree DNA for your tests, go to http://dnaadoption.com/uploads/DNAGedcom/DNAGedcom_files/Help_DNAGedcom.pdf for uploading information.

Genome Mate Pro

Genome Mate Pro, a free desktop program that allows you to keep track of autosomal DNA research in an easy and efficient manner. Written by developer Rebecca Walker, there are a number of reasons why this particular program is worth checking out. There is a 100 + page user guide written by Jim Sipe that you will want to download and use. This is great software but fairly complicated to learn.  After you are used to using it, it is fairly easy.  You can also triangulate results in a more organic way than other programs allow and create new groups with this information. Genome Mate Pro also makes it possible for you to import data from FTDNA, GedMatch.com, and 23andMe. You can also search and match by surname, and can display overlapping segments in a clear way. http://findmyfamilymagazine.com/genome-mate-pro-for-dna-genealogy/



This is a new academic website that does not sell testing but does offer a Chromosome browser, matches, and ethnic origin for free.  This is a small pool at this point, but is another chance to match more people.  This site is supposed to help with breast cancer research eventually so that is another reason to consider uploading your DNA to this site. http://findmyfamilymagazine.com/dna-land-free-dna-research-website/


DNA Training

Ready for a whole free course in Genetic Genealogy?  Check out the free online course by Kelly Wheaton at https://sites.google.com/site/wheatonsurname/beginners-guide-to-genetic-genealogy



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