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Cyndi’s Review
Tracing lineages and family history especially for people who do not know anything about their birth families can be really challenging. It can be even be more difficult obtaining missing family records, more so for people who do not know where to start. Cyndi’s list, a website created in 1996, now offers a free research tool where people can easily obtain information about their family history and lineages. Here’s a genuine review of Cyndi’s, what it offers to users, and of course how it works.

What exactly is Cyndi’s list and how does it work?

Cyndi’ is basically a website developed to offer categorized genealogical resources which are cross-referenced to help users obtain information about their families. In simple terms, it offers a list of various links that point users to more genealogical research sites on the internet. The website consists of genealogical materials, providing a research portal for more than 180 categories, consisting of individual pages for every state in the U.S., Canadian province, U.S. county and UK county.
So, how are links indexed and titled? Links to websites that contain important information of family history are listed alphabetically, similar to how a library categorizes books. The good thing about this method is that the category index is constantly updated. Users are notified about the updated links, a status that remains that way for a period of thirty days. Users who are interested in knowing every time updates are available can subscribe to a mailing list on the website, where they get announcements. It’s from this mailing list that Cyndi’s communicates information of interest such as new links that are submitted, activity audit, names of updated categories, answers to common questions, and news regarding offline or online resources among other things.

Does the website charge for its services?

With this kind of information being available in one website, users may think that they will likely be charged to get what they want, but this is not the case. Cyndi’s doesn’t charge a dime for its services. However, donations are welcome to help in the maintenance of the site. Additionally, the website offers a shopping category where users can browse through various genealogy books that can help them learn more about family trees as well as office supply and software.
Cyndi’s has been helpful to hundreds of thousands of people looking to find critical information about their families and lineages. It’s a great place for people looking for missing families or for those in search for their birth family to finally find some help.

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