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Tulsa Man Found Birth Family

By DD / July 31, 2016

A Tulsa man found his birth family after having his 50th birthday party and using the help of the Search Squad. The Search Squad is a group of search angels that work from a page on Facebook. The story was originally posted with a video as Where are you from? The search for birth parents […]


Ancestry DNA Unites Unknown Sisters

By DD / December 18, 2015

Ancestry DNA hits another homerun. Just like me, this woman was able to find half-sisters she didn’t know she had. Also unknown to her was that she was of African descent! After the DNA results came back she started following up on the matches she was given and came across what she thought were cousins. […]


Adoptee Finds Birth Mother Through Social Media

By DD / December 16, 2015

This story is from WTHR Channel 13Connect on May 12, 2015. It shows that social media can be used to help find family members like this adopteed did to find her birth mother. This isn’t the best way to find family, doing DNA tests and following up on the leads produced from the matches is […]