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After You Get Your DNA Test Results – Then What?

By Staff Writer / October 23, 2016

Millions of people send off their saliva for a DNA test every year. The same millions get their test results back and wonder what to do with them. Depending on why you sent off for your DNA results, you will want to make use of your results. If you are adopted, download your raw DNA […]


Autosomal DNA A Step-By-Step Approach to Analyzing Your atDNA

By DD / October 25, 2015

Dr. Maurice Gleeson gave a presentation on February 20th, 2014 on Autosomal DNA A step-by-step Approach to Analysing You atDNA Matches. At the time this presentation was given, Dr. Gleeson had been working with DNA Genealogy for 5 years. The presentation discusses what atDNA is, what is a match, and what steps you should take […]


Using Autosomal DNA and Using Tools of Adoptees

By DD / October 22, 2015

Maurice Gleeson – Autosomal DNA, Adoptees, & Finding Long Lost Irish Relatives (Part 1) In this hour long video, Dr. Maurice Gleeson talks about using autosomal DNA and tools developed in the US to help adoptees find their birth families.  He discusses using GEDMatch and I didn’t realize until I watched this that Ancestry […]