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Abandoned Sisters Find Each Other After 50 Years

By DD / October 25, 2016

WKRC in Cinninatti covered a story about abandoned sisters that found each other after 50 years. Sandra did not even know she was adopted up until her sister called her. ” Sandra Richards grew up as an only child in Arizona. She raised five kids and settled in Union, Kentucky. But she left something very […]


Long Lost Family Casting Call

By DD / September 23, 2016

Long Lost Family Casting Call Are you looking for a long lost relative? Do you need assistance with your search? Long lost family casting call is happening now and wants to hear from you. LONG LOST FAMILY, the TV documentary series that aims to reunite family members, is looking for participants. If you are desperate […]


Amateur DNA Detective Helps People Find Family

By DD / August 4, 2016

Amateur DNA Detective Helps People Find Family This story is about a woman paying it forward and helping others.  The story, written by Daniel Gross, for the Boston Globe explores a search angel, Laura Flanagan. She was given up for adopted, then gave up a baby herself at 17.  Fueled by the yearning to find […]


Mother Daughter Reunion After 80 Years

By DD / May 23, 2016

It took almost a live time but Dorien Hammann never gave up and it resulted in a mother daughter reunion after 80 years. For anyone looking for family, this is another story proving that you should never give up and it is never too late to find your birth family.  Even if it means finding […]


Reunion After 82 Years

By DD / April 7, 2016

For everyone that thinks it may be too late to find a birth mother or child, here is a great story of reunion after 82 years. Betty Morrell, 82, was reunited with her 96-year-old birth mother, Lena Pierce, in January 2015.  Betty was helped by her granddaughter who helped her work with information on  This […]


Mother Finds Child’s Birth Family in China

By DD / January 22, 2016

Molly Sano adopted a child from China and wanted to find his parents.  The little boy is deaf and unfortunately is also going blind.  He is two years old and his adopted mother wanted him to be able to see his mother before he became blind.  I can’t image adopting a deaf child, then dealing […]