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Oklahoma Adoption Records After 1997

By DD / May 13, 2016

Oklahoma Open Adoption Records Check out A person who was born in the state of Oklahoma and who was adopted after November 1, 1997 may obtain a non-certified copy of his/her original birth record without a court order if all of the conditions below are met: 1. Adopted person is age 18 or older […]


Oklahoma Adoption Information Resource

By DD / May 12, 2016

An additional Oklahoma Adoption information resource are these addresses and contact information. Be sure to check out the Oklahoma adoption law information on another page. If you have other resources that would help others find their families, please send it to us using the contact form. For questions, check out our Forum at < a […]


Oklahoma Adoption Information Laws

By DD / February 28, 2016

Oklahoma Adoption Information Laws Who May Access Information Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 10, § 7508-1.3 The services of a confidential intermediary are available to: The adult adopted person The legal parent or guardian of the child of a deceased adopted person The adult descendant of a deceased adopted person The birth parent The adult birth […]


Oklahoma Historical Society

By DD / February 5, 2016

Oklahoma Historical Society Tips on the Oklahoma Historical Society If looking for anyone who has lived in the Oklahoma area, whether dead or alive, the Oklahoma historical society is the place to check. The society has been collecting, sharing and preserving information on the people of Oklahoma since the year 1893. The genealogical resources present […]