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Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry

By DD / May 12, 2016

Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry The Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry is a non-profit program run by Families First and contracted by the state of Georgia’s Department of Human Services. It offers reunion services to birth parents, adopted persons, adoptive parents and siblings affected by adoptions finalized in Georgia. In 2003, the law in Georgia was changed […]


Georgia Adoption Information Laws

By DD / January 19, 2016

Georgia Adoption Information Laws Who May Access Information Citation: Ann. Code § 19-8-23 Information may be accessed by: The adult adopted person The birth parents Adult birth siblings The child of the adopted person, if the adopted person is deceased The adoptive parents The adoptive parents may access only nonidentifying information. Access to Nonidentifying Information […]


Digital Library of Georgia

By DD / December 14, 2015

The Digital Library of Georgia has over million digital objects in more than 200 collections from 60 institutions and 100 government agencies. If you are looking for family from Georgia you can cover a lot of ground here with a single search covering digitized books, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers and more from over 60 libraries, archives and museums and 100 government agencies.