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Genealogy Books You Can Read For Free

By DD / October 30, 2016

In this article about Genealogy Books you can read for free, there is a great list of 15 genealogy books in ebook format you can read for free with Kindle Unlimited. If you pay $9.99 per month for Kindle Unlimited there are actually way more than 15 great genealogy books you can read for free. […]


Best DNA Launches Review Site

By DD / October 30, 2016

With all the DNA testing companies and different types of DNA tests, we all need to read reviews about the companies that offer the tests and what exactly the different tests are for. brings reviews of testing sites and buying guides that explain different types of tests. If you  have had experience with these […]


Double Match DNA Triangulator

By DD / October 24, 2016

Double Match Triangulator There is a tool from Louis Kessler that you can download that should help you simplfy triangulation. From the website “This is an autosomal tool that allows the genetic genealogist to look at their autosomal data in a slightly different way than other methods. It assists by finding every segment from every […]


Import Genealogy Information in 2 Columns in Excel

By DD / October 23, 2016

I have found that many people looking for their family do not have intermediate Excel skills. To be able to sort leads it is often helpful to be able to sort information into 2 separate columns or multiple columns. At her blog, Mary Kircher Roddy, author Mary Kircher Roddy is a genealogist, writer and lecturer, […]


Find My Family Magazine Forum – Please Come

By DD / October 10, 2016

Find My Family Magazine has added a forum. The forum offers the ability to post questions, answer questions, start your own blog where you can talk about your journey to find your family, and even talk to each other using live chat rooms. There are some great organizations out there on Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and […]


Ancestry DNA Tests – 23andMe Now Only $99

By DD / September 24, 2016

  Recently 23andMe launched our Ancestry Service for $99. It’s intended for people who are primarily interested in their ancestry DNA and genealogy. When I was looking for my birth family I tested at 4 companies and put my DNA on another. If you are looking for family it is best to fish in several […]


Tennessee County Historians

By DD / September 16, 2016

Tennessee County Historians If you are looking for family or records in Tennessee, it may help to contact these people. County Historians are an often overlooked source of family information.  Tennessee County historians may have access to newspapers, yearbooks, pictures and many more resources. Tennessee County Historians Bedford County: Tim Marsh & Helen Marsh, 912 […]


DNA Triangulation on GEDMatch

By DD / August 20, 2016

If you are looking for family using DNA results you are probably using GEDMatch or one of the other website to help compare your DNA kit results.  Triangulation is comparing A to B, then A to C, then B to C, etc.  You might match B and B might match C, but that doesn’t mean […]

0 Shares Military Records Website Review

By Staff Writer / August 13, 2016 Military Records Website Review Anyone who has a fascination with genealogy or military history may appreciate the resources found at This easy-to-use website is chock-full of useful data, including digital scans of primary records that could prove to be a goldmine for researchers. Whether you’re looking for information about an ancestor or are […]


Alaska Facebook Resources To Find Family

By DD / August 3, 2016

Alaska Facebook Resources To Find Family Alaska Facebook Resources To Find Family Credit for the list created by Katherine Willson at Social Media Genealogy We thank her for creating this list. When you are looking for family members, you will use several genealogy tools and resources. This is a great list of pages for Alaska […]


Separated Lives – True Story of Adoption and Search for Family

By DD / August 2, 2016

Separated Lives In the early 1980’s we lived in the Midwest . I was married and had 3 children. A new doctor had moved into town and I thought it would be nice to invite the new doctor’s wife to join me in attending the monthly doctor’s wives auxiliary meeting and luncheon. The presentation that […]


Free Software To Compare DNA Kits

By DD / August 1, 2016

The question comes up all the time from people using DNA testing to find family, What about free software to compare DNA kits. is probably the most well known DNA comparison tool.  You can upload your raw DNA from several DNA testing sources and run comparisons with millions of other DNA kits.  GEDMatch is […]


Using Metadata Tags on Photos

By DD / July 31, 2016

Photo Metadata tags can save you a lot of time looking for photos on your computer. If you are doing genealogy or just looking for family members, this is a crucial part of keeping up with the information you find. Originally written by Denise Barret Olson on Scribd and titled “Sharpen your Digital Pencil An […]


Requesting FBI Records to Find Family

By DD / July 9, 2016

Requesting FBI Records to Find Family As much as we hate to think about it, we may be looking for family that has been in trouble with the law. Perhaps you are looking for a family member that just disappeared and you don’t know where to start. Our post about using a person’s Social Security […]


Alberta Canada Adoption Record Information

By DD / July 3, 2016

Alberta Canada Adoption Record Information If you were born in Canada and are looking for your birth family or you gave a child up for adoption in Canada, you will need to look at the information listed for the province that the adoption took place in. If the adoption took place in Alberta, there is […]


Alaska Genealogy Handbook

By DD / July 3, 2016

Handy Alaska Genealogy Handbook: A convenient handbook containing everything you need for Alaska Genealogy research contains Internet Links, Physical Addresses, Email Addresses, Telephone Numbers, and Lists the Record Holdings of Every Important Archive and Organization holding Alaska genealogy records. In short, it contains everything you’ll need to find Alaska Genealogy Records FAST! What’s more, MOST […]


Indiana Adoptee Registry Information

By DD / May 29, 2016

Indiana adoptee registry information can be found at IN.GOV and at the Indiana Adoption Netowrk. Registry information- please know the state registry is free- you may register now- however you all will need to register again after July 1,2018. Indiana Adoptee Registry Information Until July 2018 Until the records are opened on 7/1/2018, you must […]

0 Shares Surname Distribution

By DD / May 24, 2016 Surname Distribution Around the World Surname mapping can be a useful tool in any genealogical or historical project. Most surnames have distinct distribution patterns based on regional lines. Mapping surname distribution reveals where the family originally came from and where it relocated or spread to. Surname databases are usually created using censuses and telephone […]


My Heritage Adds DNA Matching

By DD / May 21, 2016

My Heritage has announced that they will add DNA matching to their family tree building and serach platform. They will not be selling DNA testing kits but after you get your DNA tested at a major testing site such as Ancestry DNA or FTDNA, you can download your raw DNA to My Heritage. My Heritage […]


Louisiana Adoption Reunion Registry

By DD / May 14, 2016

The Louisiana adoption reunion registry is a website run by the Lousiana Department of Children and Family Serives.  It’s purpose is to facilitate voluntary contact between adult adoptees, their birth parents and/or their siblings. The Registry will not find someone for you. The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry is a “passive” match registry and does not search. […]


Oklahoma Adoption Records After 1997

By DD / May 13, 2016

Oklahoma Open Adoption Records Check out A person who was born in the state of Oklahoma and who was adopted after November 1, 1997 may obtain a non-certified copy of his/her original birth record without a court order if all of the conditions below are met: 1. Adopted person is age 18 or older […]


Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry

By DD / May 12, 2016

Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry The Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry is a non-profit program run by Families First and contracted by the state of Georgia’s Department of Human Services. It offers reunion services to birth parents, adopted persons, adoptive parents and siblings affected by adoptions finalized in Georgia. In 2003, the law in Georgia was changed […]


Oklahoma Adoption Information Resource

By DD / May 12, 2016

An additional Oklahoma Adoption information resource are these addresses and contact information. Be sure to check out the Oklahoma adoption law information on another page. If you have other resources that would help others find their families, please send it to us using the contact form. For questions, check out our Forum at < a […]


23andMe Selling DNA Kits at CVS

By DD / May 11, 2016

23andMe Selling DNA Kits at CVS Yes, the day has come, 23andMe is selling DNA kits at CVS. It is an unusual set up, the buyer pays $29.95 at the checkout at CVS for the saliva kit, then when they send the saliva off to 23andMe, they pay another $169 lab fee when submitting the […]


Indiana Vital Records

By DD / May 8, 2016

If you are looking for Indiana vital records such as marriage records, Family, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints probably has what you are looking for. Indiana Vital records Page has Indiana marriage records from 1780 to 1992. Indiana Marriages, 1780-1992.” Database. FamilySearch. : accessed 2016. Index based […]

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