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Orphan Train Riders

By DD / September 12, 2016

Orphan Train Riders The Orphan Train Riders were a part of the Orphan Train Movement, which was a welfare program to transport them away from the crowded cities in the Eastern United States. The children were from about the age of six to eighteen and all shared a common dispirited view of existence. Their lives […]


Sorted By Birthdate Website A Hidden Gem

By DD / August 6, 2016

Sorted By Birthdate Website is a genealogy information website. If you are looking for someone and have their name and birthday, this site may help you with more information, like voter and death records. It is a very simple website. is a privately owned genealogy website based on public information which everybody has a […]


Requesting FBI Records to Find Family

By DD / July 9, 2016

Requesting FBI Records to Find Family As much as we hate to think about it, we may be looking for family that has been in trouble with the law. Perhaps you are looking for a family member that just disappeared and you don’t know where to start. Our post about using a person’s Social Security […]


Find Family With Social Security Number

By DD / May 3, 2016

Do you need to find family with a Social Security number? I know most people don’t have a social security number for the people they are looking for, but there are occasions when the social security number is known. The good news is that the Social Security Administration might actually help you. The SSA will […]


Which DNA Tests Do I Need?

By DD / May 2, 2016

Which DNA tests do I need? The human body is composed of trillions of cells, and each cell has a nucleus. Inside that nucleus are 23 pairs of chromosomes that contain genes. They are made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that contains information on how to organize and maintain an organism. Each person has two […]


What is a DNA Haplogroup?

By DD / May 1, 2016

What is a DNA Haplogroup? When learning about genetic testing, some people may find it surprising to learn that it is possible to trace their ancestral lines far beyond marriage and birth certificates. Through DNA haplogroup assignment, individuals can learn more about where their family originated from, who they are genetically related to, and more. […]


DNA Day 2016

By DD / April 24, 2016

DNA Day 2016 is April 25th! National DNA Day is April 25th and commemorates the day in 1953 when a paper detailing the structure of DNA was published in Nature magazine. It also recognizes the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. The Swiss biochemist Frederich Miescher first observed DNA in the late 1800s. […]


Oregon Adoption Information Laws

By DD / February 29, 2016

Oregon Adoption Information Laws Who May Access Information Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 109.455; 109.500 The voluntary adoption registry may be used to obtain identifying information by the following persons: A birth parent An adult adopted person An adult birth sibling The adoptive parent of a deceased adopted person The parents or adult siblings of a […]


Mississippi Adoption Information Laws

By DD / February 11, 2016

Mississippi Adoption Information Laws Who May Access Information Citation: Ann. Code § 93-1 7-207 Nonidentifying information may be provided to: The adopted person who is age 18 or older The adoptive parent The legal guardian or custodian of an adopted person The offspring or birth sibling of an adopted person if the requester is age […]


Who Am I? A Different Look

By DD / December 21, 2015

Who Am I? Who am I in my family in the grand scheme of things of my family genealogy? I loved this article written by Tim Urban on Titled “Your Family: Past, Present, and Future. He make some very good points, like the fact we have so many great great ancestors, over 4,000 back […]


Find My Family Magazine – Welcome!!

By DD / December 8, 2015

Find My Family Magazine wants to be your one-stop website with all the information your need to find family. I am an adult adoptee that found her family using genetic genealogy and other techniques and want to help others find their family before it is too late. I know how time consuming it can be […]


Orphan Train Movement from 1854-1929

By DD / October 31, 2015

The Orphan Train Movement had its beginnings in the mid 19th century, when there were tens of thousands of motherless children dwelling on the streets and in the alleyways of New York City. In an effort to rescue those abandoned kids from the perils of street life, a local philanthropist named Charles Loring Brace founded […]


Family Naming Conventions Can Help With Brick Walls

By DD / October 21, 2015

Those brick walls can seem daunting when you think you have checked out every lead. Looking for patterns in family naming schemes can help with those educated guesses. Various cultures have their own naming conventions. It was common in Victorian England for the first name of the first male child to be named after the […]


Find My Family Magazine

By DD / October 4, 2015

The purpose of this website is to bring together the best of the genealogy, genetic genealogy, family finding news, articles, reviews, website information, and social groups.  Whether you are an adoptee with no clue about your family or a seasoned genealogist, this site will have something for you. We will have reviews of dna testing […]