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Find My Family Magazine Forum – Please Come

By DD / October 10, 2016

Find My Family Magazine has added a forum. The forum offers the ability to post questions, answer questions, start your own blog where you can talk about your journey to find your family, and even talk to each other using live chat rooms. There are some great organizations out there on Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and […]


Sperm Donors and Child Support

By DD / September 8, 2016

Sperm Donors and Child Support If a child was conceived through the use of a sperm donor, that person is generally required to pay child support if the mother asks for it. This is generally true whether or not he has a relationship with the child in the future. It is also generally true even […]


Sperm Donors Looking For Adult Children – Where to Start

By DD / September 7, 2016

Sperm Donors Looking for Adult Children-Where to Start Although you may not have played a role in your child’s life, you are still the biological father of any child conceived with your sperm. Therefore, it is only natural that you may want to develop a relationship with that child no matter how old he or […]


How to Find Sperm Donor Father

By DD / September 5, 2016

How to find sperm donor father You are not alone. Estimates put the number of children conceived through anonymous sperm donors in the United States to be 30-60,000 per year. Many of these children are not informed of the way they were conceived. The ones that are aware often become curious about their biological heritage. […]


Find Family With Social Security Number

By DD / May 3, 2016

Do you need to find family with a Social Security number? I know most people don’t have a social security number for the people they are looking for, but there are occasions when the social security number is known. The good news is that the Social Security Administration might actually help you. The SSA will […]


Use Facebook to Find Family

By DD / January 26, 2016

There are more than 1 Billion users worldwide on Facebook. If you don’t already have a account, you only need to sign up on the register page. It is free to use and will open up a whole new world for you. You will be given a profile page to post a picture of yourself or whatever you want to post and will be given the opportunity to find people on your contact list.


Gather All the Information – Step 3

By DD / January 23, 2016

Gather All the Information You Can – Step 3 Non-Identifying Information When I was searching for my birth family, getting my non-identifying information was the key to solving the puzzle. I was close to identifying my birth parents using all the DNA tests and family trees, and doing everything on the “where-to-start” lists, but the […]


Sperm Donor Reunion Story

By DD / January 10, 2016

In this sperm donor reunion story, Todd Whitehurst, an engineer for Google was featured in the story. Whitehurst donated approximately 400 times over 4 years and a single sample could be divided into 24 salable vials so he could have produced 9600 viles in theory. He knows of 22 children that he has contributed to for sure. They mentioned a donor that they know has at least 200 children.


Genome Mate Pro for DNA Genealogy

By DD / November 8, 2015

I found my birth family using DNA genealogy tools. When it comes to gathering DNA information, there are a few tools that you can turn to. The main 3rd party DNA genealogy software are, and the other is Genome Mate Pro, a free desktop program that allows you to keep keep track of […]


Autosomal DNA A Step-By-Step Approach to Analyzing Your atDNA

By DD / October 25, 2015

Dr. Maurice Gleeson gave a presentation on February 20th, 2014 on Autosomal DNA A step-by-step Approach to Analysing You atDNA Matches. At the time this presentation was given, Dr. Gleeson had been working with DNA Genealogy for 5 years. The presentation discusses what atDNA is, what is a match, and what steps you should take […]