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Know Your Rights – Find Family Step 2

By DD / January 23, 2016

Know Your Rights To Information Find Family Step 2 States differ greatly on the information they allow to be given out. The laws governing the information that can be released is usually voted on by state legislatures so it can change. There are organizations in many states that are working to lobby the law makers […]


Join Support Groups – Find Family Step 1

By DD / January 11, 2016

Join support groups. Do this first because the groups are full of information that will save you time and money later. When you join support groups, you will find great people willing to help you for free and will rejoice with you when you are successful at finding your family. Groups are available on state and national levels with special interests including Genetic DNA, Adoptees, Newbies, and others.


Why Find Your Birth Family

By DD / January 11, 2016

Want to find your birth family or the birth relatives of someone that is close to you that was put up for adoption? One in sixty families is touched by adoption in some way, so please know that you are not alone. Also know that laws continue to change to make more information available and […]


Porcupine DNA Chart

By DD / January 9, 2016

Understanding the Porcupine DNA chart will help you see how DNA is passed down from different ancestors. Not all of your relatives will be your DNA relatives necessarily and some will not appear as DNA relatives unless you take the matching segments down to a very small number like 3 cM.


23andMe DNA Review

By DD / January 4, 2016

When I was searching for my birth family, I used 23andMe in addition to the other main DNA testing sites.  At the time I used 23andMe, the health reports were not available and the price was $99.  Now the DNA tests come with health reports and testing costs $199. In some countries where the health […]


Family Tree DNA Review

By DD / January 3, 2016

In my Quest to find my birth family, I used Family Tree DNA as one of my testing companies. I had atDNA and mtDNA both tested. It was a good experience and offered additional matches to the ones on the other sites. My DNA was processed in a timely manner, I think it was about 6 weeks for the atDNA and about 8 weeks for the mtDNA.


Mirroring to Find Your Birth Family

By DD / December 28, 2015

Mirroring to find your birth family is a valuable technique that I have used myself. I used it to help me narrow down my possible birth mother and father. Mirroring is using the family tree of a match on Ancestry DNA and attaching your DNA results to that DNA match’s tree. In my case, I […]


J Works Program for Sorting DNA Results

By DD / November 13, 2015

J works is an macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet based Automated Chromosome Browser Tool created by Jay Pizzaro to sort “In-Common-With” matches from and data from in order to make it easier to read the data. By feeding the names from a chromosome browser with your raw DNA and in-common-with (CW) files in csv format, […]


People Locator Websites For Finding Family

By DD / November 9, 2015

When you are trying to find your family, you have to look everywhere. After you have used DNA and other tools to find a name, then you have to locate them. Sometimes you don’t have all the information so you are filling in the gaps and it would help if you knew where people have […]


Genome Mate Pro for DNA Genealogy

By DD / November 8, 2015

I found my birth family using DNA genealogy tools. When it comes to gathering DNA information, there are a few tools that you can turn to. The main 3rd party DNA genealogy software are, and the other is Genome Mate Pro, a free desktop program that allows you to keep keep track of […]


Ancestry DNA adds Matching cM numbers

By DD / November 7, 2015

After being asked for years for the number of matching cM between matches, Ancestry has finally added the information to profiles – if you know where to look. There is some confusion with the cM numbers that are shown though with the total number of matching segments and total cM that match being different than […]


Orphan Train Movement from 1854-1929

By DD / October 31, 2015

The Orphan Train Movement had its beginnings in the mid 19th century, when there were tens of thousands of motherless children dwelling on the streets and in the alleyways of New York City. In an effort to rescue those abandoned kids from the perils of street life, a local philanthropist named Charles Loring Brace founded […]


International Society of Genetic Genealogy ISOGG.Org

By DD / October 31, 2015

International Society of Genetic Genealogy ISOGG.Org Those of us who are hoping to make a connection with a distant relative or parent can use the International Society of Genetic Genealogy on with the use of genetic research that is provided. The website makes it easy to begin a general search with the use of […]


The Open Adoption Debate – Vote Yes

By DD / October 30, 2015

As an adult adoptee that spent years looking for her birth parents, I completely support opening adoption records for adults. Some states have open records, some are closed and some are somewhere in the middle. When I was finally able to find my birth parents they were both deceased. One of the saddest, most disappointing […]


Ancestry DNA Review

By DD / October 26, 2015

Ancestry DNA is one big reason I found my birth family after looking off and on for 36 years. I had written and called and hired a company to find my family without any results. Then I saw a story about Ancestry DNA that said that someone had found their birth family using Ancestry DNA […]


Morgansense Autosomal DNA Relationship Tool

By DD / October 25, 2015

Autosomal DNA Tool[/caption]MorganSense is an Autosomal Relationships Predictions Utility. It takes your related centiMorgans (cMs) value of two people (find using Family Tree DNA, Ancestry DNA, 23andMe or and it predicts your relationship. A cM, CentiMorgan is used to measure genetic linkage. In general, the longer the piece you have in common, the closer […]


Autosomal DNA A Step-By-Step Approach to Analyzing Your atDNA

By DD / October 25, 2015

Dr. Maurice Gleeson gave a presentation on February 20th, 2014 on Autosomal DNA A step-by-step Approach to Analysing You atDNA Matches. At the time this presentation was given, Dr. Gleeson had been working with DNA Genealogy for 5 years. The presentation discusses what atDNA is, what is a match, and what steps you should take […]


Using Autosomal DNA and Using Tools of Adoptees

By DD / October 22, 2015

Maurice Gleeson – Autosomal DNA, Adoptees, & Finding Long Lost Irish Relatives (Part 1) In this hour long video, Dr. Maurice Gleeson talks about using autosomal DNA and tools developed in the US to help adoptees find their birth families.  He discusses using GEDMatch and I didn’t realize until I watched this that Ancestry […]


DNA.Land Free DNA Research Website

By DD / October 21, 2015

Have you heard of the new website DNA.Land? DNA Land is non-profit research website run by three researchers affiliated with Columbia University and the NY Genome Center . They are also in partnership with the National Breast Cancer Coalition to better understand the genetic risks of breast cancer. Computational geneticist Dr. Yaniv Erlich presented the […]

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