California Birth Index

California Birth Index

California Birth Index

The California Birth Index is a simple website set up to help you search for birth records in California from the years 1905 to 1995. From the California Birth Index website: “What Is The California Birth Index?
The California Birth Index, or CABI, is a database that stores records of births in California from 1905 to 1995. The CABI was compiled by the California Office of Health Information and Research. The records are not stored in the form of birth certificates, but rather abstracts of birth certificates.

The CABI does not contain the same information as a birth certificate. The only information the CABI contains is: date of birth, full name, county of birth, gender, and the mother’s maiden name. Some online versions, such as the one at Family Tree Legends, only contain the full name, birth date, gender, and county of birth.

Anyone can access the CABI. requires you to be a paying member of its services to access the CABI. Family Tree Legends is available for free. The CABI on Vital Search is available for paying customers and for free.

The user interface varies by website, but they should be fairly easy to use. It is possible to obtain information with just the full name and gender of the person you are searching for. Again, adopted persons might not be listed or listed under a different name, so watch out for that.”

The site has a simple fill-in at the top of the page to enter the name of the person you are looking for, it is very easy to use. Unfortunately if the person you are looking for has sealed records they probably won’t show up, but it is always worth checking. If you are searching for family members that were born in California from 1905 to 1995 and you know their birth name, this is a good place to start with a search.

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