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By DD / November 16, 2015

branches-for-ipad Branches is an app for the iPad that is available through iTunes. Orignally the app was free, but now it is $1.99. The app is a GEDCOM viewer and downloader of FamilySearch™ family trees. Branches for iPad handles GEDCOM files up to 20,000 persons, and you can have multiple GEDCOM files if you wish. You can also have multiple trees in each GEDCOM.

Recent additions to Branchess includes Email and DropBox transfer of GEDCOM files. Also added is access for LDS members to see ordinance data and search for temple ready ordinances for their ancestors. Find any ancestor and go directly to that person’s information on the FamilySearch™ website.
You can now create a GEDCOM file and email the file to yourself or others.

If you zoom in you can see details like relationships, events, photos, sources, notes and documents. This is a handy feature when you are visiting relatives, out at a cemetery or library where you might want to verify some information. As you zoom into the detail of your tree, there is a map of your entire tree in the upper left hand corner of your screen so you know exactly where you are.

More features include, being able to bookmark a view so you can come back to it at anytime, and view your tree from other perspectives using different root persons.Branches for iPad accepts any standard GEDCOM file (a file created by genealogy programs to transfer data between programs), so you don’t have to use any specific genealogy program to benefit from this app. Because of it’s graphical nature,

Testing it out, I just uploaded a GEDCOM to it. I downloaded a Gedcom from Ancestry and emailed it to myself. When I opened the email I had the option of opening it with Branches. My purpose for trying this app was to report on it, but also because I am going to see some of my new relatives, and want to be able to add information, email them the trees, and show them tings I have in the notes. I printed out some things for them, which was handy. I was trying to explain to them how I was related to them and share some information about the other side of the family. I thought maybe if they could see the trees, it would help them understand why I was visiting them and why I wanted them to take a DNA test. I will be using this app when visiting elderly relatives without internet and working on my trees at remote places like the beach.

]Because you can move around in the tree or Group sheets and use your fingers to make it larger with more detail or smaller with less, it really appeals to me. So if you should need something like this for an IPAD, I think it is useful. It is fast and easy to use, no difficult learning curve. For $1.99 this is well worth the money even if you will just use it a few times a year for trips.

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