Many of my friends have been blogging about, especially about its app. I decided to download it to my Nokia Lumia 520 to take a look. I think the site and its app have potential, the reason I decided to share this article.

The primary goal of Billion Graves is to provide extensive history database of images and records of the world’s top cemeteries. The site also encourages people to share images and records of their local cemeteries. This is a loft goal compared to a far-reaching goal of sites like

The search screen is designed with four fields: First name, last name, birth year and death year. When I tested the platforms using a random first name, I found 500 results. Using drop-down menu for a county, state and country, I found 100 results. When I narrowed to cemetery name, again I found 100 results. This was encouraging. I was able to sort the results using the using the above criteria. The developers wanted to keep Billion Graves search simple.

I have seen many apps with interface designs that give users the flow they want. Billion Graves app is one of them. The app acts like magic. It was designed to allow people to upload cemetery photos and geotag them automatically in the process. I found this concept cool. The site’s interface is also amazing. It is easy to use and read results.

Billion Graves gives users guidance on how to use most of its resources. When I used the app, I was able to get most of the needs I had. When transcribing headstones and uploading photos, users can easily find graves on the map enabling others to see where someone was buried. The site also keeps supporting records of some graves.

When I sign-in to my email account, my inbox is always full of many notifications about new items on the site. This saves time that I would have spent on checking for updates at the site. The site’s blog is also constantly updated with interesting blog posts on grave research. I found Billion Graves quite bizarre, selling shirts and caps with the site’s logo printed on them. I was skeptical at first on who would want to buy such stuff, but I was wrong when I found many people in my city wearing them.

I spent the whole day in one of the cemeteries taking pictures of my relatives buried there. When I tried to upload some of them from a computer to my Billion Graves account, I continued to experience an error that “the device is not recognized.” I wasn’t aware that when using Billion Graves, one can only upload photos from an iPhone device. This is one of the major (if not only) drawbacks that I have found with Billion Graves.

With Billion Graves basic account, you can access limited features. This is the reason I decided to upgrade to Billion Grave Plus account that is priced at $9.99 per year and comes with all features.

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