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I found my birth family after 40 years of looking for them. I used DNA tests, software to sort DNA match results, family trees, contacting DNA matches and several website tools. We want to provide you a "one stop shop" with all your resources to help YOU find YOUR family.


Global Adoptee Genealogy Project

By DD / November 5, 2016

The Global Adoptee Genealogy Project launch was announced with press releases this week. This collaboration between Mixed Roots and Family Tree DNA and others should be a huge help to adoptees looking for their families. They are promising a comprehensive website of resources for adoptees and either free DNA testing and reduced cost DNA testing […]


Genealogy Books You Can Read For Free

By DD / October 30, 2016

In this article about Genealogy Books you can read for free, there is a great list of 15 genealogy books in ebook format you can read for free with Kindle Unlimited. If you pay $9.99 per month for Kindle Unlimited there are actually way more than 15 great genealogy books you can read for free. […]


Best DNA Tests.com Launches Review Site

By DD / October 30, 2016

With all the DNA testing companies and different types of DNA tests, we all need to read reviews about the companies that offer the tests and what exactly the different tests are for.  Bestdnatests.com brings reviews of testing sites and buying guides that explain different types of tests. If you  have had experience with these […]


Abandoned Sisters Find Each Other After 50 Years

By DD / October 25, 2016

WKRC in Cinninatti covered a story about abandoned sisters that found each other after 50 years. Sandra did not even know she was adopted up until her sister called her. ” Sandra Richards grew up as an only child in Arizona. She raised five kids and settled in Union, Kentucky. But she left something very […]


Double Match DNA Triangulator

By DD / October 24, 2016

Double Match Triangulator There is a tool from Louis Kessler that you can download that should help you simplfy triangulation. From the website “This is an autosomal tool that allows the genetic genealogist to look at their autosomal data in a slightly different way than other methods. It assists by finding every segment from every […]


Import Genealogy Information in 2 Columns in Excel

By DD / October 23, 2016

I have found that many people looking for their family do not have intermediate Excel skills. To be able to sort leads it is often helpful to be able to sort information into 2 separate columns or multiple columns. At her blog, Mary Kircher Roddy, author Mary Kircher Roddy is a genealogist, writer and lecturer, […]


Find My Family Magazine Forum – Please Come

By DD / October 10, 2016

Find My Family Magazine has added a forum. The forum offers the ability to post questions, answer questions, start your own blog where you can talk about your journey to find your family, and even talk to each other using live chat rooms. There are some great organizations out there on Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and […]


Ancestry DNA Tests – 23andMe Now Only $99

By DD / September 24, 2016

  Recently 23andMe launched our Ancestry Service for $99. It’s intended for people who are primarily interested in their ancestry DNA and genealogy. When I was looking for my birth family I tested at 4 companies and put my DNA on another. If you are looking for family it is best to fish in several […]


Long Lost Family Casting Call

By DD / September 23, 2016

Long Lost Family Casting Call Are you looking for a long lost relative? Do you need assistance with your search? Long lost family casting call is happening now and wants to hear from you. LONG LOST FAMILY, the TV documentary series that aims to reunite family members, is looking for participants. If you are desperate […]


Long Lost Family S1E1 I’ve Waited 45 Years For This Call

By DD / September 18, 2016

I’ve Waited 45 Years For This Call Long Lost Family Season 1, Episode 1 – The two stories in episode 1 of Season 1, titled “waited 45 years” is the story of Rita who is looking for her son she gave up for adoption and Kristen who is looking for her birth mother.   The […]


Georgia Babies For Sale – A Look Back

By DD / September 18, 2016

A McCaysville, Georgia doctor sold babies to couples that were not able to have their own children.  Today those babies have grown up and are looking for answers. The story covers Sandy Dearth who goes back and visits where she was born and shortly after was handed out a back window to her future parents. There […]


Tennessee County Historians

By DD / September 16, 2016

Tennessee County Historians If you are looking for family or records in Tennessee, it may help to contact these people. County Historians are an often overlooked source of family information.  Tennessee County historians may have access to newspapers, yearbooks, pictures and many more resources. Tennessee County Historians Bedford County: Tim Marsh & Helen Marsh, 912 […]


Orphan Train Riders

By DD / September 12, 2016

Orphan Train Riders The Orphan Train Riders were a part of the Orphan Train Movement, which was a welfare program to transport them away from the crowded cities in the Eastern United States. The children were from about the age of six to eighteen and all shared a common dispirited view of existence. Their lives […]


Orphan Train Families Looking for Relatives

By DD / September 10, 2016

Orphan Train Families Looking for Relatives Resources for Orphan Train Riders and Their Families The Orphan Train is a fascinating and forgotten part of the history of the United States deserving of a greater spotlight. Beginning in 1853 and continuing as late as 1930, an estimated 120,000 to 200,000 children were transported by train from […]


Sperm Donors and Child Support

By DD / September 8, 2016

Sperm Donors and Child Support If a child was conceived through the use of a sperm donor, that person is generally required to pay child support if the mother asks for it. This is generally true whether or not he has a relationship with the child in the future. It is also generally true even […]


Sperm Donors Looking For Adult Children – Where to Start

By DD / September 7, 2016

Sperm Donors Looking for Adult Children-Where to Start Although you may not have played a role in your child’s life, you are still the biological father of any child conceived with your sperm. Therefore, it is only natural that you may want to develop a relationship with that child no matter how old he or […]


How to Find Sperm Donor Father

By DD / September 5, 2016

How to find sperm donor father You are not alone. Estimates put the number of children conceived through anonymous sperm donors in the United States to be 30-60,000 per year. Many of these children are not informed of the way they were conceived. The ones that are aware often become curious about their biological heritage. […]


DNA Triangulation on GEDMatch

By DD / August 20, 2016

If you are looking for family using DNA results you are probably using GEDMatch or one of the other website to help compare your DNA kit results.  Triangulation is comparing A to B, then A to C, then B to C, etc.  You might match B and B might match C, but that doesn’t mean […]


Sorted By Birthdate Website A Hidden Gem

By DD / August 6, 2016

Sorted By Birthdate Website is a genealogy information website. If you are looking for someone and have their name and birthday, this site may help you with more information, like voter and death records. It is a very simple website. Sortedbybirthdate.com is a privately owned genealogy website based on public information which everybody has a […]


Amateur DNA Detective Helps People Find Family

By DD / August 4, 2016

Amateur DNA Detective Helps People Find Family This story is about a woman paying it forward and helping others.  The story, written by Daniel Gross, for the Boston Globe explores a search angel, Laura Flanagan. She was given up for adopted, then gave up a baby herself at 17.  Fueled by the yearning to find […]


Alaska Facebook Resources To Find Family

By DD / August 3, 2016

Alaska Facebook Resources To Find Family Alaska Facebook Resources To Find Family Credit for the list created by Katherine Willson at Social Media Genealogy We thank her for creating this list. When you are looking for family members, you will use several genealogy tools and resources. This is a great list of pages for Alaska […]


Separated Lives – True Story of Adoption and Search for Family

By DD / August 2, 2016

Separated Lives In the early 1980’s we lived in the Midwest . I was married and had 3 children. A new doctor had moved into town and I thought it would be nice to invite the new doctor’s wife to join me in attending the monthly doctor’s wives auxiliary meeting and luncheon. The presentation that […]


Free Software To Compare DNA Kits

By DD / August 1, 2016

The question comes up all the time from people using DNA testing to find family, What about free software to compare DNA kits.  GEDMatch.com is probably the most well known DNA comparison tool.  You can upload your raw DNA from several DNA testing sources and run comparisons with millions of other DNA kits.  GEDMatch is […]


Tulsa Man Found Birth Family

By DD / July 31, 2016

A Tulsa man found his birth family after having his 50th birthday party and using the help of the Search Squad. The Search Squad is a group of search angels that work from a page on Facebook. The story was originally posted with a video as Where are you from? The search for birth parents […]


DNA Testing Affect on Birth Parents Privacy

By DD / July 31, 2016

This article about DNA testing affect on birth parents privacy was published by the Adoptee Rights Coalition. DNA Game Changer – Part I: Thoughts on the “birthparent privacy” argument is the first part of an article about the affect of DNA testing results and what can be learned from them on adoptee rights and birth […]

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