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Ancestral Quest

Ancestral Quest Software Review
With the growing emphasis on multiculuralism, ancestory research has become increasingly popular in recent years. More an more people are being inspired to dig into their own heritage to dsicover where they came from. I recently began the quest to trace back my own family tree, and, fortunately, there are now many resources to make the task easier. If you’re looking for software to research and compile your family tree, Ancesteral Quest (AQ), which is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, might be the right choice for you.

I found Ancestral Quest to be an easy-to-use family tree software program that will not bewilder the beginner. However, it also contains advanced features for the more experienced genealogist. The program allows users to quickly enter data. Keyboard shortcuts make working with the program easier. AQ allowed me to create charts of pedigree, ancestry and descendants. It also enabled me to make attractive scrapbooks, put together family group sheets, and create genealogy books reports.

I was able to research my family tree using the links that AQ provides to online genalogy databases such as and Special features of the latest version, Ancestral Quest 14, include a research timeline and color coding. I compiled my tree in English, but if you are using a language other than English, you can get most add-on languages for free. The program also allowed me to have a collaborative copy of my family tree, so that other families could add and change information, which makes building a family tree together much easier.

If you already use another ancestry program, it’s possible to switch to AQ. Ancestral Quest can be used as a companion or replacement to the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) program, and many users like it because the screens are similar to what they have already grown accustomed to while using PAF. Additionally, AQ is certified for use with FamilySearch Family Tree Share.

The AQ website provides free resources to users of the software, including AQ user community discussion groups, downloads, tutorials, and updates. The program could benefit from additional templating, but it is still a powerhouse in the market. While other ancestral software programs may have more bells and whistles, such as decorations on the screens and additional reports, Ancestral Quest has an edge in that it is highly reliable and is continually updated to remain current.

If you want to try out some of the features of the program without immediately plunking down the $29.95 purchase price, you can download the free Ancestral Quest Basics program. While AQ Basics does not contain all of the features of the paid program, it will give you a taste of the software and help you to decide whether or not the program is the right match for your needs. If you already own an earlier version of AQ, you can upgrade to the latest version for $19.95.

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