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After You Get Your DNA Test Results – Then What?

You recieved your DNA resutls
After you get your DNA test results

DNA results Part 1

Millions of people send off their saliva for a DNA test every year. The same millions get their test results back and wonder what to do with them. Depending on why you sent off for your DNA results, you will want to make use of your results. If you are adopted, download your raw DNA and upload it to other sites, like FTDNA and DNA.land. That will give you a better chance of finding DNA relatives that can lead to finding your birth family. We offer a free ebook in the footer of this website. Get the ebook and it will give you several more steps. You will want to use several tools to compare chromosomes, download relatves in a usuable format,build family trees, and much more to trace your family.

After You Get Your DNA Test Results -Why Did You Get Tested In The First Place?

If you are looking for health information you can upload your raw DNA to at least 2 websites that are inexpensive and will give you tons of health reports that will tell you what illnesses you may have, vitamins you should take, food you should eat, etc. One of the these sites is Livewello.com. I am a member and for $19.95 I continue to get new test results on almost a weekly basis.

What is you where looking for information about your ethnicity, your ancestry? You took an AncestryDNA test. You waited the 6-8 weeks for your results. Now they are in. But, what does it all mean? Join Crista Cowan as she walks you through a detailed explanation of your AncestryDNA results – what does it all mean and what to do next. Here is a video by AncestryDNA that will walk you through what to do with your new results. This is Part 1 of “You Received Your Ancestry Results – What now?”. It discusses the way DNA is passed down through the generations, understanding the ethnicity percentages, and starting a public family tree and attaching it to your DNA results.

After DNA Test Results Part 1

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