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Our history is saddened by the gruesome atrocities of the past. African slavery and general treatment towards African Americans has raised a lot of questions about humanity. In the quest of finding the loved ones lost in the fight of slavery, people from different races, backgrounds, religions and ethnicity have united to help African Americans in pursuit of their relatives and loved ones. This pursuit of happiness has found direction, but still some have lost touch with their blood relations forever. is a platform, dedicated to solely African American genealogy. This website provides an outline of ancestry for African American where they can locate their families that are long lost and it helps them find the families they lost in hands of slavery in the 19th century. It serves as a portal to uncover the family trees of so many people. This is an online research community. The popularity of is great among Americans specifically because this website has served to connect family members. The website offers record of people and appropriate search will render useful results. There are chat forums where issues of such sort are discussed on a periodic basis. The resources and lists of people on site make it easy for people to locate the list of deceased and alive people. Slave data collection records, library resources, census records, surname database and marriage records are available and are very useful to narrow down the search. This record collection enables convenient search, which is an advantage of using this website. Users and Usefulness

Almost 327 users visit this website daily, which indicates how effective this platform is and how advantageous it is to the people looking for information. In my opinion, one must go and visit this website if they wish to reconnect and need information regarding their family member because over the last few years has had some positive and constructive affects because it has helped people get in touch with their roots. Negative feedback and reviews are unrealistic for this website as it has been beneficial for many people and most people have been made aware of their ancestry because of this website. This site offers a ray of hope to those who had once been abandoned by the ruthless waves of time. offers more than just statistical data. It gives you the meaning of existence and unleashes that somewhere beneath the curtains of dark reality, there is after all hope for the African Americans. Our opinion is that many African Americans use the website because of their realistic approach towards life and their spirit of reconnecting lives without thinking about the end results. This website links the data it has with the internet resources available and welcomes tips and suggestions from the visitors which makes the search process easier. is worth checking out if you are African American and are looking for family or if you just want to learn more about your ancestry.

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