Adoptee Finds Birth Mother Through Social Media

By DD / December 16, 2015
Adoptee finds family with facebook
Adoptee finds birth mother with facebook

Adoptee finds birth family

This story is from WTHR Channel 13Connect on May 12, 2015. It shows that social media can be used to help find family members like this adopteed did to find her birth mother. This isn’t the best way to find family, doing DNA tests and following up on the leads produced from the matches is the best way to start, but social media worked for this woman. She was able to get her post shared 340,000 times.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, adoptee finally meets her birth mother
Posted: May 08, 2015 8:28 PM CDT
Updated: May 12, 2015 11:28 AM CDT
By WTHR Channel 13Connect
An Indiana native is celebrating a special Mother’s Day weekend after a 28-year search for her birth mother.

We first wrote about Kelley Baumgartner’s search for her biological mother when she posted a photo to Facebook with information about her birth and adoption. She was born in the Elkhart area and put up for adoption through Catholic Social Services in South Bend.

That post was in February. Just six weeks later, she received an email that ended her lifelong search for answers.

“I have siblings, and aunts, uncles, and cousins!” Kelley wrote in a Facebook post. “I am speechless.”

She tells Eyewitness News her mother saw the picture – which has been shared more than 340,000 times on WTHR’s Facebook page along, in addition to several other media outlets that have picked up her story – while visiting a friend’s Facebook page on her birthday.

While Kelley expected it would take months to hear from her birth mother – if she heard from her at all – the woman contacted her in just two weeks.

“I couldn’t have ever thought of a better outcome!!! I am so happy. And my 20-plus years of curiosity felt an instant fill from that void,” she said.

Kelley made plans to meet her biological mother – and two siblings she never knew – this weekend in Florida, where she now lives. Their first meeting was Thursday night.

“It was the best feeling to look at a face just like mine, the similarities (are) insane! This is just the beginning of a new normal life!” she said. “I couldn’t have ever imagined a better ending!”

Kelley is keeping the names of her birth mom and her new family to herself for now, but has become active encouraging other adoptees to search for their families.

“It is so amazing how things can go viral at the drop of a hat, or click,” she said. “I hope that my story will encourage others to search and familiarize themselves with adoption.”

This story has spawned many other people to look for family on Facebook. If you see posts on social media where people are looking for family, please send them to Find My Family Registry and to this site so that they will find the steps to take to find their family without having to rely on the luck of the right person seeing a post. My birth mother was not internet savvy enough to have ever seen a Facebook post even if I had posted a picture and had 1 million shares. Congratulations to this adoptee for finding her birth mother and new family.

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