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The Chrome extension 529 can make sorting the data produced at 23andMe a breeze and best of all it is free. Using 23andMe can be challenging, especially when you need to take the information from there and add it to other software to sort results. The best way to collect your data from 23andMe is to add a Google Chrome extension called 529andYou. This data collection tool will collect not only DNA segments associated with each profile but will perform triangulation and can be used to identify (ICW) in-common-with relatives also.

To get the 529andYou Chrome add-on, go to 529andYou Google Chrome Extension When asked, be sure to select yes to create a database.

To use, go to 23andMe then to My Results > Ancestry Tools > Family Inheritance: Advanced (FIA for short) and
select any two profiles. Then click Compare and when the results are shown, click on View in a
table. To the right of the URL at the top of the browser, you will see the 529andYou icon. Click on the
icon to open the 529andYou tab. Then click on the Create ‘To Do’ Table button. This will display all matches who are sharing genomes with the 23andMe profile and for whom data has yet to be recorded. Then click the “Turbo Compare” button at the bottom of the list. If there are more than five matches, the
Turbo Compare button will remain black. Continue clicking it until it turns gray. The names are now loaded in your database. Save the triangulation and in-common-with data.

If you are going to use the data in Genome Mate Pro, there are detailed instructions with Genome Mate Pro that goes through the 529andMe Chrome extension use and how to generate reports that you will use to load into the software. This extension can save you many hours of time compared to manually doing what it can do in a few minutes. Using the data produced by this extension in other software like DNAGED.com or Genome Mate Pro can save thousands of hours.

If you go the extension page on Google, this is the description of the extension you will find: “This extension for 23andMe’s Family Inheritance: Advanced tool (found under Ancestry Labs or, in the new beta website design, under My Results, Ancestry Tools) collects information about DNA matches that you view in a table (information is not collected when you view as a plot). This information is stored in a local SQLite database on your computer. The extension also places a small icon in the menubar of the table display page, and when you click this icon , a new page is generated where you can select the name of any person whose information is stored in the local database and produce a list of matching segments for that person, sorted by chromosome and position. All data currently stored in the local database can also be deleted from this page if desired.”

I loaded this extension then couldn’t find it on Chrome and couldn’t get it to work. Then I went back and figured out that I wasn’t on the right page on 23andMe. If you follow the instructions, this is a great extension and time saver.

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