23andMe Selling DNA Kits at CVS

23andMe Selling DNA Kits at CVS

23andMe Selling DNA Kits at CVS

23andMe Selling DNA Kits at CVS

Yes, the day has come, 23andMe is selling DNA kits at CVS. It is an unusual set up, the buyer pays $29.95 at the checkout at CVS for the saliva kit, then when they send the saliva off to 23andMe, they pay another $169 lab fee when submitting the saliva kit.
If you want to buy the kit and then give it as a gift, there are suggestions for that. “There is a special process for kits purchased from a retailer. In order to receive the 23andMe service with a kit that has been purchased from a retailer, payment of an additional $169 lab fee must be made at the time the kit is registered online at 23andMe.com/start. You cannot register the kit in the name of the gift recipient and pay the fee for them in advance as the recipient must consent to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and decide whether to participate in Research and Bio Banking. One suggestion is that you provide the additional funds for the lab fee as part of the gift, perhaps by including a gift card in the amount of $169.” If you receive the DNA kit as a gift, there is a special process for kits purchased from a retailer. You will need to pay an additional $169 lab fee. This has to be paid at the time the kit is registered online at 23andMe.com/start and cannot be prepaid by the gift giver.
What is the return policy for kits purchased from a retailer?
According to the sales information provided “To receive a refund for the cost of the kit, $29.99 plus applicable taxes, you must return your kit to the retailer from which you purchased it. Please consult the refund policy of the retailer to determine if your kit is eligible to receive a refund. Refunds for the kit are only available through the retailer.
To receive a refund for the $169 lab fee, you must fill out our online refund form. We cannot issue a refund if (i) you request a refund more than 30 days after the payment of your lab fee was processed; or (ii) our laboratory had begun processing your saliva sample prior to your request for refund. The refund form can be found on the 23andMe Help Center, found at Customercare.23andme.com”

23andMe Selling DNA Kits at CVS – Instructions

Instructions with the kit include:

I. Pay required $169 lab fee online.
Go online to 23andMe.com/start to register your kit using the saliva tube barcode so we know it belongs to you. Pay the required $169 lab fee and select whether you want to receive health reports. Our lab will not process your sample and you will not receive your reports until you have registered and your payment is received.

2. Spit- Follow kit instructions to spit in the tube provided and mail it back to our lab in the pre-paid package.

3. Discover – In approximately 6-8 weeks, we will send you an email to let you know your reports are ready in your online account. Log in and start discovering what your DNA says about you.

The rest of the information about  23andMe selling DNA kit in CVS is the same as if you ordered it online. Picking it up in the store saves you waiting for it to come in the mail. 23andMe will gain huge exposure by putting it on selves and will gain impulse sales and probably more gift sales from having it on shelves in front of the buying public.

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